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HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you have something you want to get off your chest? Send your letter to the editor to

Trump galvanises women

Donald Trump has exposed the underbelly of misogyny that is the bedrock of patriarchal power.

He has named and justified "locker room" language  as one for boys who pretend to be men.

He has admitted how "star power" can be used to exploit and crush women.

Most importantly, he has exposed other members of the patriarchal club (including Hillary Clinton) to ridicule as they huff and puff and wag their fingers at this "Lucifer".  

Women have been galvanised, thanks to the Donald.

Suzanne Ingleton, Castlemaine

Dylan gong sets precedent

Bob Dylan is a great choice for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

I cannot think of anyone else who fits the bill.

This opens up the way on the other Nobel Prizes. Take physics, for instance.

My grandson, Samuel, should be amongst the top two or three contenders next time around.

On Saturday, his ephemeral work, the castle, juxtaposed several competing laws of physics (including one wherein the castle's sand had insufficient moisture and Newton's first law took effect).

He proved that the architectural integrity of his creation is not, nor can it ever be, sufficient to stave off particle/antiparticle-like annihilation as the wave strikes.

Yes, Samuel, for you and others the tide will sound.

Michael McNeill, Bendigo

Choose wisely at election

The election of councillors from the large list of nominations is going to be very interesting to say the least.

Citizens of the City of Greater Bendigo need to be very careful in their selection when filling out the ballot papers, because if we don’t then we are going to finish up the same or worse outcome than we are already experiencing.

Firstly, read the information supplied by each candidate, see if any new candidate has aligned themselves with present councillors.

Also, if they have any political party involvement, we are having enough problems with the way our political leaders are operating without it being brought into local government.

Will they stand up to the CEO and his staff? It is the councillors that should be deciding on what needs to be done based on citizens’ views and ideas being put forward, not self-interest groups with other agendas to gain advantages over the ordinary voter.

Stop the wasteful spending of ratepayers’ money on things that don’t give benefit to the community, paying an exorbitant wage to the CEO on a par with the Prime Minister and sadly as a community and a nation they haven’t set the world on fire for any real benefit to us.

If they were being paid by performance achievements, they would be overpaid for any beneficial outcome.

Support the community and its activities such as the Golden Square Pool, talk and consult with the community, enough of the dictatorship approach.

The only way that we as a city can move forward is for a clean sweep of current councillors and to elect a new group of people and not have any hostile members that are going to deliver the same again for another term of unstable leadership and poor decisions

We need successful and beneficial outcomes for everybody to share in.

We, as citizens of this city, have that right to have this and don’t let it be taken away from us again.

Vote carefully and wisely.

Ivan Kitt, Bendigo

One rule for all or some?

Will the new assets test apply to MPs? If not, why not? If it does, will they vote themselves recompense?

Keith Beman, Woodend


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