Thieves target valuables left in cars

Police in Bendigo are growing increasingly frustrated by thefts of valuables from vehicles where the owners have failed to lock their cars.

Leading senior constable Margaret Fitzpatrick said opportunistic thieves were targeting unlocked vehicles and stealing items including wallets and tradespeople’s tools.

“It’s not just the money, it’s things like medicare cards and cancelling credit cards can be a huge inconvenience,” she said.

Leading Senior Constable Fitzpatrick urged vehicle owners not to leave their cars parked on the street or nature strip and to make sure they were locked.

“Police are asking for the assistance of the community to please make sure that all valuables are removed from vehicles, all doors are locked and keys are removed prior to leaving the vehicle,” she said.

“Do that second check to make sure that it’s secure.”

Leading Senior Constable Fitzpatrick said common items to be targeted included handbags, wallets, laptops, GPS devices, mobile phones and house keys.

“Personal papers should also be removed from the glove box,” she said.

“Don’t leave property, including tools, unsecured in utilities or trailers [and] consider installing a GPS tracking device or alarm.

“Vehicles parked on the street and on nature strips are being targeted – if possible secure your vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats in a garage or somewhere away from public access.”