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Practical pollies wanted

Hooray for people like Bev Hanson (“Election there to be won”, Bendigo Advertiser, October 13).

She is so spot on with her comments, but it’s not just the councillors that need attention. We need practical people who put thought into proposals.

Look at the lack of thought that went into allowing a coffee outlet to be situated at Napier and Nolan streets, and why was Thunder Street made so narrow that only one car can use the street at a time?

And roundabouts so big and high that one can’t see what the car coming towards you is going to do.

And the organics bin, what a disaster.

Peter Tharle, Jackass Flat

Organics service fiasco

How long will the green bin fiasco go on for?

I have had compost bins for years.

I have filled in an exemption form and sent a photo of my compost bins as required, quite a while ago.

Twice I had a phone call, telling me that someone would come and visit - that didn’t happen.

After many weeks, I still have a green bin next to my letterbox, despite the fact I rang and asked them to remove it.

I have to move the bin away from the letterbox every time I want to collect my mail - not always easy for an elderly person.

Who is this power person unnecessarily annoying countless people?

Pam Blake, Bendigo

Will poll bring change?

Here we are again, council election time and the candidates are off and running.

A few new faces, plus the usual suspects spouting the same rubbish we hear prior to every election.

Rhetoric that will be forgotten once the voting is over and the status quo resumes as it always does.

What next for ratepayers I wonder, a rate rise capped at 2.5 per cent again? That would be welcome, seeing my rates increased by 10.04 per cent this year.

Or will council garner further funds by revaluing our properties each year to keep ahead of any further state government impositions upon them?

It has been nice to see at least a small example of our council at work where I live.

A few weeks ago, in the space of a fortnight, two street sweepers came along about a week apart, just before the current rate notice arrived. 

Not much else has happened though.

Has it ever been council’s priority to “buy locally” and support local businesses? If not, why not?

If so, why was Greenaway Bins not awarded the contract for the new green organics bin? A local company, run by local people, and employing local workers.

If everyone bought locally and supported local business it can only be for the betterment of Bendigo.

I’m still trying to find out from the relevant people in council, what are we supposed to do with our surplus lawn clippings and green waste?

I am in the unfortunate position of having a council nature strip at the front of my property, plus down the side of my property, beyond my 6-foot fence, a considerably longer council nature strip.  

I have been told verbally and by letter that I am liable for this and it is my responsibility to mow.

By the time I have mown these council-owned strips, my new organics bin and half my waste bin are full of clippings. Where, therefore, do I put the clippings from my front and back lawns?

At present, I am continuing to use Greenaway Bins when necessary, which I am happy to do, and have been happily doing for many years.

An answer from council would be nice, though. Another imposition not thought through clearly.

Peter L. Reid, Golden Square


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