Showbag choice a yearly dilemma  

GIGGLE and Hoot, Bertie Beetle and The Idiot Bag are among the showbags tipped to be the top sellers at this year’s Bendigo Agricultural Show.

Showbag vendor Greg Andersen assessed the range of showbags on display and said there’s likely to be some difficult decisions made by children and parents.

“It’s all about the parents,” he said.

“We get parents buying as many as the children. The kids come in with their own ideas, but it’s the parents that decide.”

Mr Andersen said with truckloads of supplies and more than 60 varieties of showbags on offer, there were plenty of options.

He said it was advisable to do some research and decide beforehand whether to go for the whoopee cushion or the Freddo Frog bag.

“If you have a look online first that always helps,” he said. “Or if you go through it with your kids. 

“I’ve seen a lot of tantrums and fights,” he said.

Showbag tester Allannah, 8, said she faced a tough task narrowing her choice to two showbags.

“We’re only allowed two every year so I think I’ll go for the bag with make-up, I’m not sure” she said. “It takes quite a while for me to decide.” 

Bailey, 6, said his mind was already made up ahead of the show’s opening day tomorrow.

“I’m going for the chocolate one,” he said.

Imogen, 9, said she couldn’t choose between the lolly showbags but had decided on the order of the day’s activities. “I’ll do the rides then the showbags, so my hands aren’t full all day,” she said.

The 2012 Bendigo Agricultural Show starts tomorrow. 

Keen: Harrison Milo gets excited about this year’s showbags. Picture: Jodie Donnellan

Keen: Harrison Milo gets excited about this year’s showbags. Picture: Jodie Donnellan

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