Maryborough mother contests charges of assaulting daughter

A Maryborough mother of five has appeared in court facing charges of assaulting her eight-year-old daughter – whipping, kicking, hitting and strangling her until she lost consciousness. 

The 46-year-old-woman contested assault-related charges in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday.

Prosecuting, Senior Constable Tony Graham said the child was at home with her mother and two younger siblings on February 27, 2010, when an argument broke out over a towel.

“The accused hit the victim with her hand, dragged her by her hair and struck her with a fly swatter,” Senior Constable Graham said.

“She strangled the girl with her hands until she lost consciousness.

“She tied her hands behind her back and used a belt to strap a ball inside her mouth.”

Senior Constable Graham said the woman then allegedly whipped her daughter with a cord, kicked her multiple times to the ribs and rubbed soap into her eyes.

He said the subsequent injuries – a number of scratches and bruises – were seen by the girl’s teacher, who reported the matter to police.

The court also heard of a separate incident in 2009 where the girl was allegedly hit with a rolling pin numerous times after accidentally breaking a bottle.

Senior Constable Graham said the complainant was now 11 and her version of events was supported by her twin siblings both aged eight. All three are now in DHS care.

Magistrate Jennifer Tregent said the evidence was strong and she was concerned the woman had decided to contest the charges.

“She physically assaulted and falsely imprisoned her child, she would force her children to relive that in court?” Ms Tregent said, shaking her head.

“She will be going to jail if she puts her children through that and the charges are proven.”

The court heard the woman was adamant she had only struck her daughter once and was firm in her not guilty plea.

The case was listed for a contested hearing on January 14 and 15 in the Bendigo Magistrates Court.

The Bendigo Advertiser has chosen not to name the woman to protect the identity of her children.