Wedding of Nicole Alderton and Kyle Monigatti

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Bride: Nicole Alderton

Groom: Kyle Monigatti

Wedding date: Saturday, November 28, 2015

The meeting: We first meet at a family friends child’s birthday party. Okay, well he saw me I didn't even see him and then he laid chase for three years. What can I say he’s a committed man.

The proposal: Kyle proposed the day after Valentines Day because he didn't want it to seem too romantic. We were lying in bed and I was slightly upset as I definitely thought I was getting a dishwasher and it never turned up ... but then laying there he asked if I would marry him and I got a beautiful pink diamond set in a beautiful yellow gold band.

The wedding day: We were the first wedding in St Paul’s cathedral since it shut the doors seven years ago.

The cake: One side traditional, the other side pink.

Photography: Shot by Martin

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