Wedding of Kiraly Beckett and Ben Dealy

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Bride: Kiraly Beckett

Groom: Ben Dealy

Wedding date: Saturday, March 19, 2016

The meeting: Our story began when we met as high school students eight years ago. There was an immediate physical attraction. Our first conversation was when Ben came over to have a chat when I was kicking the footy in the park. The fact that Ben was able to drive was also a drawcard in the early days!​  

The proposal: I had been extremely busy with work and night school and was desperate for a day off work. I just wanted to stay home and relax however Ben pushed that we go on a day trip. Ben took me to Mt Buller and we spent the day in the snow. On the way back down the mountain we pulled over to look at a beautiful waterfall where the snow was melting and running from the mountain. I was standing on top of a picnic table when Ben said “I have a surprise for you”. As I turned around he was standing below me with a ring box. He then asked “will you marry me?” I jumped down and put that beautiful ring on my finger. Eventually after running through every emotion I said Yes!

A stand out moment was when I called dad  “Dad I cannot stop smiling” his response “ how do you think me and your mother feel, we have known for days!”

Ben had completely surprised me with an amazing ring he had chosen himself and with an unexpected proposal.

The wedding day: The moment we walked into Moama on Murray resort we felt relaxed and peaceful. We chose the Riverside Function area as the river setting with the beautiful gumtrees is exactly what we both had visioned.

It set a very tranquil vibe. Another advantage was all accommodation was on site so it was convenient for our guests and made them feel like they have had a weekend away.

The Ivy Mill was responsible for our ceremony and reception styling which really completed an already stunning setting. 

The dress: Dress was purchased from Raffaele Ciuca. As cliché as this sounds I felt like a princess. This was the first dress I had tried on and I just immediately knew it was my dress. I could not wipe the smile off my face. For my mums benefit we went to lunch to have a think about the dress before purchasing it but I knew it was the dress for me. On the wedding day I stepped into that dress and felt like a beautiful bride. 

The cake: Cakes By Kelly

Photography: L12 Photography

The honeymoon: America 

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