World War I and II honour boards restored by historians

HISTORIANS Jan Pavich and Glenda Rivett have spent four months restoring the honour boards at the Little Sebastian Hotel. 

The two boards, which have the names of more than 70 men and women who fought in World War I and II, have had a makeover and will be unveiled at a service ceremony on November 10. 

The boards have been hanging in the hotel for up to 50 years and showed signs of wear and tear.  Little Sebastian Hotel owner Kathy Jones said the boards were previously hung on top of a fireplace and damaged by fire and smoke exposure. 

“The writing was faded and there was no glass on the boards to protect them,” she said. 

“They were scratched and chipped and there was lots of fire and smoke damage.”

Ms Pavich said the project got under way after members of the Sebastian Progress Association successfully applied for a grant from the Department of Planning. 

She said it had been a long process to get the boards looking their best. 

“We took the boards to both Castlemaine and Bendigo to get them fully restored,” Ms Pavich said. 

“One of the aims was to get glass on the boards so they could be fully protected.”

Ms Pavich said the honour boards were important to the community. “It is important to restore the history of this particular area,” she said. 

“I have lived here for 40 years and once people pass away the history goes, and it is important to recognise and remember what they did. 

“We are trying to build up an archive to store it and keep it for future generations to see.”

The unveiling ceremony service will be held at the Little Sebastian Hotel on November 10 at 2pm. 

For more information about the honour boards contact Jan Pavich on 5436 1221. 



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Glenda Rivett and Jan Pavich from the Sebastian Progress Association with the newly refurbished honour boards.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

Glenda Rivett and Jan Pavich from the Sebastian Progress Association with the newly refurbished honour boards.Picture: JIM ALDERSEY


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