Ron Iddles opens up to 3AW's Neil Mitchell about life in the homicide squad

Ron Iddles. Picture: Simon Schluter
Ron Iddles. Picture: Simon Schluter

The man dubbed "Australia's greatest detective" has opened up about the true personal cost of being in the homicide squad.

Ron Iddles, who grew up on a dairy farm in Rochester, has also explained why one killer scared him more than most.

The head of the police association joined 3AW’s Neil Mitchell in studio on Wednesday to talk about his career, which is now the subject of a book titled "The Good Cop".

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Mr Iddles was asked whether the emotional strain of being in the force was "worth" it.

He admits it probably wasn't.

"Sometimes you've got to think about it … because they're times you'll never get back," Mr Iddles said, holding back tears.

"I missed my daughter's 18th, her 21st, her engagement ... I can't replace that."

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Mr Iddles' ability to work with hardened criminals was noted as one of his strengths throughout his 25 years in the homicide squad.

He said he tried to always see "the good" in everyone.

But he did admit there was one killer he thought had no redeeming features.

"Lee Patrick Torney," Mr Iddles said.

"I charged him with murder in 1981 and he was somebody who went on and killed again.

"I always saw him as bad and evil.

"He was somebody I probably was scared of."

In a wide-ranging interview, the head of the police association also;

  • Backed recent changes to the controversial police pursuit policy.
  • Spoke about his "professional relationship" with Mark 'Chopper' Read.
  • Shared his thoughts on underworld figure Carl Williams.
  • Explained why he thought Victoria hadn't seen the "worst" of ice-fuelled crime.
  • Said the growing problem with carjackings could be here to stay.

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