Trotsky and friends visit Bendigo

A play that takes audiences back to Vienna in 1913 is arriving at the Engine Room on July 23.

Trotsky and Friends is the first play written by Brendan Black.

It premiered at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and is now visiting Stratford, Bendigo and Traralgon as part of a small regional tour.

The play is based on true events and features incarnations of Leon Trotsky, Carl Jung, Sigmund Frued and Joseph Stalin.

Black said the idea for the comedic look at Trotsky and other historical figures cam about by accident.

“I was doing research on Trotsky for a novel I have written and it bought me to a BBC article saying how Trotsky Stalin, Freud and Jung were all in Vienna at same time,” Black said.

“Then I saw a discussion about the article on Reddit. Someone said there should be a play about that and it planted the seed.”

Black said he has been very happy with the reception for his debut play.

“The audiences have responded well which was a great feeling,” he said.

“I tried to make it that you don’t need to be socialist scholar or have a PhD of psychology to know the ins and outs of it. I tried to keep it approachable.”

Trotsky and Friends is on at The Capital’s Engine Room on July 23 at 8pm.

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Trotsky and Friends writer Brendan Black.

Trotsky and Friends writer Brendan Black.