Lockwood Ward candidates 2012

After a ward review for the City of Greater Bendigo Council the Lockwood Ward now includes: Maiden Gully, Marong, West Bendigo, Golden Square, Kangaroo Flat, Quarry Hill, Spring Gully, Mandurang, Big Hill and Lockwood.

Meet the seven candidates vying for three vacancies below.

Elise Chapman

The costs of rates continue to increase rapidly and residents are not happy. 

We have seen many millions of dollars wasted with cost and time blow outs on many projects including the Hargreaves Mall “upgrade”. The $4million blowout on the mall has left many residents unsatisfied. 

For years, council has paid for losses on the Art Gallery and Capital Theatre of over 2 million dollars per year, this amount continues to increase each year! 

Now the council have committed to a further multi million dollar upgrade of the Art Gallery, over the next two years.  

Don’t even get me started on the Eaglehawk rubbish tip, we all know it’s almost full and there is no obvious plan for its replacement. This is outrageous; we need to make big decisions to resolve this issue and we need to do it quickly. 

Inefficiency and poor planing appears rife in the Bendigo council. 

I want sensible planning with residents involved, in setting the future for projects like the Kangaroo Flat aquatic centre and Marong Business Park. 

After 18 years of operation without a major independent review, I support the long overdue action. Many local residents are demanding the review and I believe they are entitled to know the truth. 

The massive 10 million dollar blow out in superannuation provisioning has been poorly managed by senior staff and those councillors that voted for the recent budget. 

There is about 35 million dollars of flood damaged roads and drains that need council’s urgent attention. 

If I am elected to represent the Lockwood ward, I will work hard to make council more efficient, effective and economic in all it does.

I will be accountable and approachable, working to deliver projects on time and on budget. We simply can’t afford to wait another four years, the time for real change is now. 

Karen Corr

I have degrees in engineering and science and spent 10 years working for a large corporate organisation in water resources, flooding and project management. 

I have experience in governance, being on boards, small business, securing grants and working within the community. I’ve started up and implemented many successful community initiatives – I know how to make things happen and get things done and have a strong focus on engaging and working with people. 

I’m standing for council as an independent. I am not a member of any political party and have never been. 

My husband and I are active community members with Golden Square CFA, Bendigo Community Farmers Market and Bendigo Sustainability Group. Our children attend school in Quarry Hill.

I’m standing in the Lockwood Ward because it’s time for a shake-up. The incumbent councillors standing in Lockwood are all from the same demographic, they all talk about roads, drains and large projects as key issues. 

These issues are important and of course need to be addressed. But my question is where is the vision for our city and where is talk of the issues that most affect people? Where is the passion, the drive and the ideas? 

We need a diversity of councillors that have the skills for responsible governance and who know how to connect with people and lead the community. 

That’s what I can do as a Lockwood Ward councillor.

I am dedicated to cultivating responsible financial management, promoting proper consultation on issues that affect local residents, developing an effective transport system that suits all our needs, supporting and encouraging local business opportunities and maintaining our rural and community feel as Bendigo grows.

I’m passionate about building a healthy, liveable and vibrant city. It’s time for new energy and fresh ideas on council.

Rod Fyffe

As a passionate, committed and experienced candidate I will work very hard to continue to listen to the community and represent their views.

- The new indoor aquatic centre at Kangaroo Flat has my full support and I have voted to have the designs developed for it. 

- Drainage upgrades need to be completed.

- More footpaths are needed throughout the ward so that. all residents can safely walk to their destination.

- A visionary transport plan is needed to alleviate the growing pressure on key parts of our road system.

- More public transport for areas like Marong and Maiden Gully would service all ages in their community.

- A carefully thought out residential strategy is needed as well. One which respects our community and is able to deliver  a wide mix of housing types to meet the community’s needs and aspirations.

- Continued emphasis on job opportunities. We need to develop more industrial land to attract industry and to allow local firms to expand.

- Improved recreational facilities throughout the ward are needed. I have supported the new pavilion at Mandurang, 

- Improved facilities in outer areas and the purchase of future recreation land in Maiden Gully.

- Delivery of the master plans for Maiden Gully and Marong. Community input into these plans needs respecting in their planning and delivery.

- Continued focus on productivity and efficiency to deliver the best value for our rate dollar.

- Responsible development of retail and service outlets to complement existing shops and to attract medical and dental facilities.

Bendigo is a rapidly growing city and the community needs experienced, committed and passionate councillors to guide our expansion. We must promote our potential and use responsible development to continue to make us a thriving, vibrant community for resident and visitor alike. 

Barry Lyons

I have been a local ward (Kangaroo Flat) representative for the past four years. In that period I believe the City of Greater Bendigo council has performed responsibly and acted in the best interests of its ratepayers. 

The past four years have been extremely busy and productive with the new multi-storey car park, many new sporting improvements, ground maintenance and the new pavilions.

The city has also been very active in producing master plans for Canterbury Park, Dower Park, Gateway Park, Botanical Gardens and many others including play spaces and other services and new public toilets (Kangaroo Flat, Strathpark, Spring Gully, Lyttleton Terrace, Huntly and Redesdale).

I am keen to offer my services again for the next four years in the new Lockwood Ward, especially to be involved in:

- the Progress of the Aquatic Centre at Kangaroo Flat, 

- the redevelopement of the Gateway Park, Dower Park and Malone Park; and on a wider scene

- the airport development, new 1000 seat theatre at the old gaol and completion of the library development.

- offer committment to the position, to be readily available and make common sense decisions. 

Bruce Phillips

I offer myself as a candidate in Lockwood Ward with a passion to continue the progress our city, which is enjoying prosperity not seen since the 1850’s gold rush. 

I’m committed to progress without erosion of the heritage, environment, grace, charm and ambience of our city – the very things that we value and is the attraction for people wanting to come here. 

I’ve been involved with a wide range of community issues throughout Victoria, and fervently believe that Bendigo is the place to live and grow – and grow older. 

In support of my candidature, I cite a 40-year association with Bendigo, live in the ward at Maiden Gully, and am a civil and municipal engineer with an MBA. 

With my wife Sue, we run two small businesses serving the ward and I have served five years as a councillor over the last decade, in different parts of the municipality. 

I have no political affiliations.

I believe that I have the experience, credentials and the time to represent the interests of, and resolve issues for residents in our ward, and will endeavour to deliver the services, and provide the civic, social, recreational and sporting facilities, to which the residents are entitled. 

I am also committed to ensure that the expected growth of the city is planned to minimise urban sprawl, and improve connectivity and mobility. 

Possibly, above all other objectives, is a desire to ensure that  we build on our strengths and remain as a progressive, and vibrant city. 

We can, through application of reasonable and affordable rates, together with borrowings, to share the cost of major works between current and future residents. 

We can be the most liveable city in Victoria, and maybe Australia. My objective is to ensure that we can fulfil that potential. 

Wendy Radford

Why I should be elected as a City of Greater Bendigo councillor?

As a rural resident of Lockwood ward, retired teacher and small business manager, and the endorsed Greens candidate, if elected you can rely on me to promote:

- Full community consultation in the Residential Strategy Review taking place in November 2012 which will plan the future shape of Bendigo, and determine whether it is a sprawling city with very little bush easily accessible, or a responsibly planned city with our distinctive mosaic of suburbs and Box Ironbark forest - protected, prominent and a daily delight for us all;

- Improved public transport and excellent network of bike/pedestrian paths;

- Construction of a state of the art aquatic and fitness centre at Kangaroo Flat with a 50 metre pool, heated in winter;

- Fairer allocation of services and infrastructure in outlying suburbs/towns;

- A comprehensive, independent financial review of council;

- Accountability and transparency;

- A far sighted, affordable, sustainable waste strategy;

- Responsible community development, not developer driven planning.

My record of voluntary community engagement shows that I work co-operatively with people from all political persuasions, and am willing to listen to all views.  

I have been convenor of Bushlinks (10 years), community representative on the City of Greater Bendigo Natural Environment Advisory Committee (eight years), spokesperson for Liveable Bendigo, convenor of the Bendigo Family Nature Club (two years).  

Over the past decade I have worked with many community groups to help preserve our natural and built heritage from ill-considered ring roads (ie Mandurang Valley first, then Quarry Hill and Kangaroo Flat), and inappropriate council and private “development”. 

I look forward to working with you to build an even better Bendigo. 

Karel Zegers

This council election is hugely important.  

I believe strongly in a fair go. 

Over the last four years, council has imposed never-ending rises in rates and charges of near 35 per cent. 

Borrowings soared from $8.8 million to $24.3m, with interest payments of $1.2m per year. 

Forward estimates show possible rate increases of six per cent each year for the next three years.

All councillors, except Cox and Ruffell, voted for these increases.  None of this is a fair go. 

Our incomes have not risen by these levels, and higher fuel, power, renting and home owning costs find many people doing it tough.  

Our growing rural and suburban areas need new facilities. Roads and drains need more work. 

Yet council seems to spend huge slabs of our money in the CBD.  

I will ensure good economic, cultural, environmental and infrastructure planning involves everyday people, not just the interest groups and staff.  

Council needs to be more accountable and open, therefore I support an independent review.

The possible savings and productivity gains are enormous, giving better value for our dollars without loss of needed services. Other councils have achieved this.  

Seven of the present councillors claim council couldn’t afford a review that could save us millions every year, but they voted to spend $200,000 on one of the mall screens.   

I am a practical person and have been self-employed most of my working life and learned that you can spend a dollar only once. 

You and I know things can be done better.  

It is up to the Lockwood Ward voters to stop the rot and vote for new councillors willing to bring in reform.  

I will work for the Lockwood Ward residents’ interests and wellbeing, and conduct regular meetings to hear your concerns and ideas. 

I will be accountable. 

Elise Chapman

Elise Chapman

Karen Corr

Karen Corr

Rod Fyffe

Rod Fyffe

Barry Lyons

Barry Lyons

Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips

Wendy Radford

Wendy Radford

Karel Zegers

Karel Zegers

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