Thrilling start to Premier League tennis season

THERE were some closely-fought contests across Premier League and section two in Saturday’s start to the Bendigo Tennis Association’s  senior pennant.

 In premier league, Bendigo Lawn Shish beat arch-rivals Spring Gully Brougham Arms, 7-5, in the match of the day at the Bendigo Bank tennis complex.

Shish proved it will be again be the team to beat as it scored a 7-83 to 5-67 vidctory.

The dominance of the Shish men proved the difference as Curt Garwood, Nick Thomas, Alistair Baker and Jayden Blencowe made it a clean sweep of all the men’s singles and doubles matches.

The Broughie woman proved again they will be the dominant force, as  Jessica Hartland and Bronwyn Osborne won both their singles and doubles sets against the Shish’s Mel McKenzie and Rashelle Blencowe.

Alistair Baker was the best performer for the Shish as he won his three sets, while Jessica Hartland won all three matches she played for Broughie.

BLTC Rising Sun opened its season with a hard-fougth win against Spring Gully Bigpond.

The Suns 6-73 to 6-62.

Rising Sun team-mates Rebecca Tweed and Tova Penno were in great form as they won their singles and doubles sets to give their team the edge.

Playing in the men’s section, Bigpond’s Eliza Long showed she will be more than capable in singles and doubles against the men.

The reigning national under-16 girls’ singles champion was the standout performer for the Bigpond.

Long’s three wins included a stunning victory in the singles clash with r Michael Smyth.

Tova Penno was the best for the winners as she won her three sets.

Jack Baker also won three sets for Spring Gully Bigpnod.

Spring Gully Butterflies had a resounding win against South Bendigo Metro.

The Butterflies’ sole defeat was in the second women’s singles as they won 11-96 to 1-49.

Despite the seemingly one-sided score line,  Metro was reasonably competitive in all sets, but the new-look team battled to take the vital breaks.

Shane Burke, Simon Baker, Jayden Baber, Rob Gallagher and Danielle Bowles starred for the Butterflies, who have rocketed to the top of the premier league ladder. 

Premier League scores:

BLTC Rising Sun 6-73 d Spring Gully Bigpond 6-62.

Michael Smith lt Eliza Long 0-8, Fraser McCarthy lt Jack Baker 8-9, Zoltan Smyth lt Brad Slingo 4-8, Tim McNamara d Andrew Harrison 8-2, Rebecca Tweed d Heather Robbins 8-1, Tova Penno d Lani Hamilton 8-2, M. Smyth-McCarthy lt Long-Baker 3-8, Z. Smyth-McNamara d Slingo-Harrison 8-1, McCarthy-McNamara lt Baker-Harrison 5-8, Tweed-Penno d Robbins-Hamilton 8-4, M. Smyth-Tweed lt Long-Robbins 5-8, Z. Smyth-Penno d Slingo-Hamilton 8-3.

South Bendigo Metro 1-49 lt Spring Gully Butterflies 11-96.

Zac Lethlean lt Shane Burke 5-8, Sam McHarg lt Simon Baker 6-8, Michael Nihill lt Jayden Baber 1-8, Alistair Davis lt Rob Gallagher 4-8, Mikaela Adamson lt Danielle Bowles 4-8, Tane Thomas d Lynda Gallagher 9-8, Lethlean-McHarg lt Burke-Baker 4-8, Nihill-Davis lt Baber-Gallagher 3-8, McHarg-Davis lt Baker-Gallagher 5-8, Adamson-Thomas lt Bowles-Gallagher 1-8, Lethlean-Adamson lt Baker-Bowles 4-8, Nihill-thomas lt Baber-Gallagher 3-8.

Spring Gully Brougham Arms 5-67 lt BLTC Shish 7-83.

Jamie Brown lt Curt Garwood 0-8, Craig Nolan lt Nick Thomas 7-9, Paul Condliffe lt Alistair Baker 3-8, Sam Storer lt Jayden Blencowe 6-8, Jessica Hartland d Mel McKenzie 8-6, Bronwyn Osborne d Rashelle Blencowe 8-4, Brown-Nolan lt Garwood-Thomas 4-8, Condliffe-Storer lt Baker-Blencowe 4-8, Nolan-Storer d Thomas-Blencowe 8-6, Hartland-Osborne d McKenzie-Blencowe 8-6, Brown-Hartland d Garwood-McKenzie 8-5, Condliffe-Osborne lt Baker-Blencowe 3-8.

Zac Lethlean.

Zac Lethlean.


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