Kangaroos causing collisions on Calder Freeway

CALDER Freeway users and police have reported almost daily car crashes caused by kangaroos grazing in between the road and the kangaroo-proof fences.

Kyneton resident John Bradbury said there were families of kangaroos living inside the fences and causing collisions on the freeway.

The Bendigo business owner makes the journey along the Calder Freeway at least three times a week.

“Every day there’s damage to vehicles and dead animals,” he said.

“It’s nearly a daily occurrence in the morning to see cars that have been smashed the night before and left on the side of the road. 

“Something needs to be done.”

Allan Schmidt, owner of AKS Panels in Kyneton, said the stretch of road was notorious for crashes between cars and kangaroos.

He said up to five kangaroo-damaged cars came through his panel-beating workshop a week.

“They’re everywhere. They can go through the windscreens and run you off the road. They can completely write off your car. 

“There are too many at the moment.”

Castlemaine police’s Sergeant Nicky Goodison said police were called out to car and kangaroo collisions most days.

The police attend the scene if the kangaroo needs to be shot because of injury.

She said the kangaroos got onto the freeway at road entries.

“They say the fence is kangaroo-proof but when you have access roads like Harcourt and Elphinstone, the kangaroos can come in at night and feed on the grass.”

She said people could reduce the chance of hitting animals by reducing their speed and remaining alert while driving.

“Sometimes people aren’t driving at a speed that is suitable. 

“I advise people to slow down and look out for wildlife. 

“Have a bit of compassion for the animals and care for your car.”