North Bendigo woman's tearful plea saves pet dog

A North Bendigo woman whose Staffordshire bull terrier seriously injured a neighbour’s beloved family cat has had the animal returned to her after a tearful plea in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday.

Crying, Kristy Lee Thompson begged Magistrate Richard Wright to allow “Boris” to be released from the pound. Thompson was charged with being the owner of a dog at large and a dog that caused serious injury to another animal.

Prosecuting on behalf of the City of Greater Bendigo, Garry Quinn said a man had found Boris outside his Prouses Road home on August 23.

Mr Quinn said the man tied Boris up and went inside to call the council when he heard a commotion and saw Boris with the head of the family cat in his mouth.

“The cat had blood coming from it’s nose and mouth,” he said.

Mr Quinn said the cat suffered a dead eye and a mal-aligned jaw. He said the owner was seeking restitution for vet bills and the council required compensation for pound fees.

After the summary was read out, Thompson, representing herself, begged for her animal to be freed.

“I just want my dog back,” she said. “He is not violent and I don’t understand his behaviour on this day.”

Thompson said she had learnt her lesson and would keep her yard secure in the future.

Mr Wright said the fines Thompson faced were extensive and he had to take into account she was a stay-at-home single mother.

“The costs here are really going to bite, so to speak,” he said.

Mr Wright placed Thompson on a six-month adjourned undertaking without conviction.

He ordered her to pay $1711.80 in pound fees and $1070.80 in compensation to the victim.