Heathcote duo seeks help to launch IMAX film

Heathcote filmmakers Jerry Grayson and Sara Hine are calling for public support to launch their new IMAX film The Earth Wins.

The film – shot entirely from the air – explores the delicate balance between humans and our home planet.

Hine said The Earth Wins was the first IMAX film to be produced in Australia in more than 10 years and was the only IMAX film to be shot entirely from the air.

IMAX is a motion picture film format and a set of cinema projection standards created by the Canadian company IMAX Corporation. It can record and display images of higher size and resolution than conventional film systems. 

“Shot on four continents, (the film) has been seven years in the making,” Hine said.

“It has many strong conservation messages and subjects explored in the film range from climate change, social and human geography, disaster management, and physical geography.

“We believe the very visceral nature of IMAX will give the greatest impact to the film’s messages. Our main aim right now is to get the film released to the largest audience worldwide.

“This film needs to be seen, especially by an entire generation of young adults who are about to inherit the earth.”

The Earth Wins premiered at an annual IMAX conference in California two weeks ago.

But Hine said that to release and print the film would be a huge financial undertaking.

“Privately funded up to now, to release the film in IMAX we need to raise $175,000, which we can achieve if 3500 people donate just $50 each via our Pozible campaign,” she said.

“There are myriad rewards that people receive for donating, with rewards starting from $25 to see the full film digitally and continue with DVDs, Blu-ray discs, signed band memorabilia, concert tickets, IMAX film tickets, boat rides, and heli rides.”

To make a donation or find out more about the project, visit www.pozible.com/theearthwins

STRIKING: A scene from the film. Picture: Helifilms, The Earth Wins

STRIKING: A scene from the film. Picture: Helifilms, The Earth Wins