Kayakers excel in Bendigo Cup duels at Lake Weeroona

Two kayakers from Albury took out the blue-ribbon events, while several paddlers from Bendigo performed well at the weekend’s Bendigo Cup 2012 Marathon at the weekend.

About 70 competitors raced at the two-day event, with marathon races held on Saturday and sprint races on Sunday.

Matt Flower won the open men’s K1 marathon race of 16 laps around Lake Weeroona on Saturday from Logan Dutton, with Casey Haynes in third.

Fellow Albury paddler Amy Peters took out the overall handicap, also winning the open women’s sprint on Sunday ahead of Malena Ahens as Bendigo rising star Rebecca Mann fought on to claim bronze.

Ahens was victorious in the under-22 K1 race, with another rising Bendigo star, Maddie Batters finishing in third.

Batters took out the women’s K1 under-18 race, then placed second behind Mann in the under-18 girls’ sprint.

This year’s event was the first time in more than 20 years the Bendigo Cup had been held at Lake Weeroona and Bendigo Canoe Club president Matt Beale said it was a big success.

“We were rapt, it ran extremely smoothly. 

“It was the first time it’s been held at Lake Weeroona for 20-something years. 

“The main idea was for people to see it and maybe be interested, or just to increase the Bendigo Canoe Club’s profile,” he said. 

Bendigo Cup 2012 Marathon, Saturday:

Men’s K1 open: 1st Matt Flower, 2nd Logan Dutton, 3rd Casey Haynes.

Under-18 boys K1: 1st Ed Louick, 2nd Will Reed, 3rd Jesse Heffernan.

Under-16 boys K1: 1st Andrew Holloway, 2nd Lucas Teasdale, 3rd Isaac Wallis.

Mixed TK2, under-16: 1st Maddie Jones and Harry Morrall.

Under-14 girls K1: Rachael Levite.

Under-18 girls K1: 1st Maddie Batters, 2nd Kayla Whinray.

Vet 45 TK1: 1st Wilf Gibson, 2nd Greg Fraser.

Vet 55 K1: 1st Leonid Levitt, 2nd Trevor Cliff, 3rd Ian Chivers.

Vet 65 TK2: 1st Bruce Irwin and Barry Warren.

Womens TK1 vets: 1st Wendy Batters.

Sprints, Sunday:

Under-12 K1 400m: 1st Sean Jones, 2nd Jack Beale, 3rd Imogen Douglas.

Men’s Open K1 400m: 1st James Campbell, 2nd Tom Hedditch, 3rd Mitch Kowarzik.

Women’s open: 1st Amy Peters, 2nd Malena Ahens, 3rd Rebecca Mann.

Women’s under-22 K1: 1st Malena Ahens, 2nd Maddie Hurst, 3rd Maddie Batters.

Under-16 boys: 1st Lachlan Stock, 2nd Ed Lovick, 3rd Chris Martin.

Under-16 girls: Kayla Whinray, Sam Silvester.

Vet 55 K1: 1st Leonid Levit, 2nd Mark Heggie, 3rd Barry Warren.

Under-12 boys TK1: 1st Jack Beale, 2nd Sean Jones, 3rd Chelsea Beale.

Under-18 boys K1: 1st Casey Haynes, 2nd Jesse Heffernan, 3rd Ed Lovick.

Under-18 girls K1: 1st Rebecca Mann, 2nd Maddie Batters, 3rd Kayla Whinray.

400m doubles

Under-18 boys K2: Tom Hedditch-Tim Arnold, 2nd Casey Haynes-Jesse Heffernan.

Under-18 girls LK2: Rebecca Mann and Sean Jones, 2nd Kirra S. and Sam Silvester.

Vet 35 K2: 1st Matt Beale and Leigh Murphy, 2nd Matt Flower and Bruce Simpson.

Under-22 LK2: 1st Maddie Hurst and Amy Peters, 2nd Eliza St Hill and Marlena Ahens, 3rd Jess Silvester and D. Silvester.

Under-16 boys K2: Lachlan Stock-Kiran Barker, Andrew Holloway-Ed Lovick, Isaac Wallis-Lucas Teasdale.

Under-12 boys TK2: 1st Sean Jones-Jack Beale, 2nd Imogen Douglass-Chelsea Beale.

Mixed K2: Matt Flower-Amy Peters, Rebecca Mann-Leigh Murphy, Andrew Morrall-Maddie Batters

200m single:

Under-12 K1-LK1: Sean Jones, Jack Beale, Imogen Douglas.

Men’s open K1: James Campbell, Mitch Kowarzik, Leigh Murphy.

Women’s open K1: Rebecca Mann, Amy Peters, Maddie Batters.

Women’s under-22 LK1: Maddie Hurst, Maddie Batters, Marlena Ahrens.

HARD AT IT: Bendigo’s TK2 under-14 competitors Lucas Teasdale and Issac Wallis. Picture: JULIE HOUGH

HARD AT IT: Bendigo’s TK2 under-14 competitors Lucas Teasdale and Issac Wallis. Picture: JULIE HOUGH


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