Police call off Maiden Gully pursuit amid safety concerns

POLICE terminated a pursuit in Maiden Gully yesterday because of concerns for other drivers. 

Police said a 45-year-old man was seen driving a Nissan Patrol erratically about 9.40am.  

It is alleged that when police tried to pull over the vehicle in Olympic Parade, the driver swerved onto the wrong side of the road several times and refused to stop. 

Police said the vehicle reached 105kmh in an 80kmh zone before the pursuit was called off for safety reasons. 

The Maiden Gully resident is known to police and hasn’t been interviewed or charged. “It was reasonably dangerous... he was driving into oncoming traffic on a couple of occasions,” Leading Senior Constable Steve Smith said.

“Traffic was forced to a halt. 

“Considering we knew his identity, we chose not to push the issue any further.”

Senior Constable Smith said the man had been “a bit emotional” following domestic issues. “He’s got domestic related issues with his ex-partner,” he said.

The chase lasted for between five and 10 minutes, with two police units involved in the incident.