Sex predator named in Rayney murder trial


One of Western Australia's most notorious sexual predators, who now lives in Victoria, has emerged as a shock person of interest in the murder trial that has gripped the state.

Prominent Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney is standing trial in the Supreme Court of WA, accused of murdering his wife Corryn at their home on August 7, 2007, before disposing of her body in a Kings Park bush grave.

But yesterday, the now-Victorian based sex offender Allon Lacco and his former housemate Ivan Eades, also "well-known" to police, were named by Mr Rayney's defence team as possible persons of interest in connection to Mrs Rayney's alleged murder.

The two men were living together at a house near to the Rayney's property at the time Corryn Rayney disappeared.

The DNA of one of the men - Eades - was found on a cigarette butt recovered from the footpath outside the Rayneys' Como home, a week after Mrs Rayney's body was discovered in a bush grave.

Since being charged in December 2010, Lloyd Rayney has vigorously denied murdering his wife.

Mr Rayney's defence team named the men during the testimony of Detective Sergeant Mark McKenzie, who testified he was unsure if a search had been carried out at the home where Eades and Lacco lived as part of the murder investigation.

He also admitted there was crossed out notation in his police notebook dated October 15, 2007, which said: "sex assault, Kings Park, White".

Below the notation was the name Ivan Eades, with a notation indicating the man had a previous murder conviction.

Lacco moved to Melbourne in 2007 after Mrs Rayney's disappearance.

His move received media coverage in December 2007 when it was revealed he was living near a Geelong school and spending his days surrounded by young people at a local skate park.

Now aged 47, Lacco was dubbed a "monster" after viciously bashing and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her Perth home in 1989.

That attack came weeks after he raped a 29-year-old woman as she lay in bed next to her two-year-old son. He has also reportedly escaped from prison four times.

Detective Sergeant McKenzie said police were aware the men lived in the vicinity of the Como home.

He could not comment on phone calls made from a payphone located on the Rayneys' street on August 7 and August 8, 2007, which were made to the home of Eades' sister.

The trial before Justice Brian Martin continues.

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