Bendigo woman Luci Mayer searching for her biological father

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A Bendigo woman has launched a heartfelt appeal online to find her biological father who had a one-night stand with her lesbian mother 21 years ago.

Luci Mayer – now a 21-year-old apprentice mechanic in Bendigo - doesn't know her father's name.

He and her mother, Mig (Maria) Mayer, met at pub in Rosebud on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula between December 1993 and January 1994.

From her mother's recollection, Luci's father was possibly part-Maori, part-French.

He was in his mid-20s, a little younger than her mother who was 34 at the time.

Luci's mother spotted the intriguing man with "gold locks" across the bar drawing in a folder.

"[He was] drawing buildings, or architectural designs, which drew my lesbian, indigenous-landscape designer mother to him," Luci said.

Luci's mother had not long returned to Victoria from Tasmania, leaving behind a long-term partner, and wanted to have a child.

"[She] supposedly asked him if he'd have a baby with her," Luci said.

"Being a lesbian she didn't want anything from him, just a donor. At first he objected, but as the night led on they ended up back at mum's house.

"They caught a taxi back to my mum's house in Rye … conceived me, then in the morning he was gone, never to be seen again."

He didn't leave a phone number, or an address.

Luci's mother expected the man to return one day, to see if the deed had been successful.

The mother and daughter continued to live in the same Rye house for 12 years. But Luci's father never showed.

"It's not just an everyday story," Luci said.

"Being a male, I'm sure he would have told one of his mates, 'This woman came up to me at a bar, asked for a baby and I had sex with her'. You'd think you'd tell someone. Someone has to know something.

"My mum's a very interesting person, and I guess he was too. She wouldn't have picked any Joe Blow."

Luci, whose full name is Kathleen Lucienne Bella Mayer, wrote her story on a piece of paper, took a photograph and posted it to Facebook in April.

"I'm finally doing this," she wrote.

"Please, help me to find out who I am.

"It may not mean a lot to you, but to me, it means the world."

Since then, her appeal has gained some traction on social media. She was contacted by a woman, via the Australia Missing Persons Register, who asked for her mother's full name.

"This gave me a little bit of hope again," Luci said. "It's been twenty one years, one month and eight days too long."

However, she has had no leads since.

She insists she wants nothing more than to know her father and perhaps find an explanation for some of the traits she has, but doesn't share with her mother.

"There are certain things that I can't even explain that just confuse me," she said.

"I want to know if I have brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, everything. Even if he doesn't want anything to do with me, maybe his family does."


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