St Therese's achieve premiership trifecta 

ST THERESE’S kicked off the Bendigo Junior Football League’s grand final weekend by celebrating three premiership victories on Saturday at Kennington’s Harry Trott Oval.

The Sharks had all three under-12 teams triumph in the La Trobe University-sponsored finals series.

Best afield in the grand finals of the Bendigo Bank-backed BJFL  were presented with the Neville Strauch memorial medals, while SportsPower provided awards, and La Trobe Uni kicked in with prize packs.

St Therese’s president Mark O’Farrell said yesterday it was a “fantastic achievement” by all players, coaches and volunteers at the Sharks.

“This was the second year we fielded three teams across the under-12 competition,” O’Farrell said.

The Sharks teams are based on school grades – 12C being grade four, 12B grade five, and 12A is grade six students.

St Therese’s JFC formed more than 35 years ago and O’Farrell said the club had outstanding coaches.

“Skills development is the number one goal for all our coaches.”

The Sharks grand final run began with the 12C line-up fighting back from 11 points down at three-quarter time to score a one-point win against Strathfieldsaye Storm.

In the under-14 competition, Storm won the division one seniors play off against Eaglehawk by 35 points.

Strathfieldsaye was victorious in the under-14 division one reserves, while Marong capped a great year by being the under-14 division two premiers.

Golden Square defeated Kennington-Sandhurst in the under-16s seniors clash by a goal.

The Bulldogs led by 13 points at quarter-time, but Kennington-Sandhurst hit back to lead by five points at half-time.

Golden Square led by a point as the final quarter began and withstood a spirited challenge to win 95-89.

Thomas Clarke booted 11 goals as White Hills turned a four-goal deficit at quarter-time into a 43-point victory in the under-16 reserves decider.

Mooroopna outplayed Huntly in the under-18 girls grand final.

BJFL grand final scoreboard:

Under-12 A 

St Thereses 2.0 6.1 6.1 8.4 (52) d 

Golden Square 1.3 2.3 4.3 5.3 (33)

GOALS – St Therese’s: Daniel Clohesy, James Vlaeminck 2, Hunter Lawrence, Ethan Mulqueen, Patrick O’Farrell, Sean O’Farrell. Golden Square: Zachary Fitzpatrick, Lachlan Dillon 2, Harry McCormick.

BEST – St Thereses: Samuel Greene, Louis Zimmer, Daniel Clohesy, Murdoch Mulqueen, Harrison Fiske-Kealy, Darcy Bakes. Golden Square: Jye Caldwell, Tully Scanlon, Zachary Fitzpatrick, Harry McCormick, Cooper Saunders, Harrison Burke.

Neville Strauch medal: Louis Mott, St Therese’s. SportsPower award: Jye Caldwell, Golden Square.


St Therese’s 2.0 4.1 5.4 5.4 (34) d

White Hills 1.3 2.5 2.7 2.7 (19)

GOALS – St Therese’s: Henry Bombardieri, Fraser Symons, Luke Padgham, Benjamin Worme, Brian Dhiev. White Hills: Dyson Daniels, Justyn Sawyer.

BEST – St Therese’s: Benjamin Worme, Zack Shelton, Luke Padgham, Thomas Gregory, Blaze Houlden, Aaron Gundry. White Hills: James Garlick, Coen Cooper, Daniel Mathers, Kai Daniels, Brayden Stafrace, Jarrett Miles.

Neville Strauch medal: Benjamin Worme, St Therese’s.

SportsPower award: Kai Daniels, White Hills.

Under-12 C

St Therese’s 0.2 1.5 1.5 3.7 (25) d 

Strathfieldsaye 1.1 1.1 3.4 3.6 (24)

GOALS - St Therese’s: Samuel Conforti 2, Matthew Carroll. Strathfieldsaye: Ethan Coleman, Mock Weston, Callum Blandthorn.

BEST – St Therese’s: team effort. Strathfieldsaye: Zach Charles, Ethan Coleman, Mason Wakefield, Rylie Merkel, Angus White, Zac Tuohey.

Neville Strauch medal: Sam Conforti, St Therese’s. 

SportsPower award: Samley Lacey, Strathfieldsaye.

Under-14               division 1 seniors

Strathfieldsaye 2.2 4.3 7.6 10.9 (69)

d Eaglehawk 1.2 1.3 1.7 4.10 (34)

GOALS – Strathfieldsaye: James Ryan, Lachlan Ratcliffe, Jacob Coleman, Lachlan Gill 2, Caleb Sheahan, Jack Neylon. Eaglehawk: Matthew Higgs, Tyler Eliades, Koby Hommelhoff, James Bailey.

BEST – Strathfieldsaye: Jacob Coleman, Keelan Payne, Jedediah Lesuey, Lachlan Gill, Patrick Blandford, Lars Casperson. Eaglehawk: Jackson Godfrey, Sam Dean, Daniel Bibby, Patrick Hancock, Jake Rusbridge, Tyler Eliades

Neville Strauch medal: Keelan Payne, Strathfieldsaye.

SportsPower award: Patrick Hancock, Eaglehawk.

Under-14                division 1 reserves 

Strathfieldsaye 2.1 7.5 9.7 15.15 (105)

d Kyneton 2.1 3.2 5.6 6.6 (42)

GOALS – Strathfieldsaye: Bailey Propsting 5, Shannon Murphy, Nathan Oxenham 3, Liam Field, Simon Dundas, Thomas Hamilton, Kane Watts. Kyneton: Cooper Matricardi, Cooper Webber-Mirkin 2, Nathan Fisher, Leyton Chisholm

BEST – Strathfieldsaye: Liam Field, Nathan Donegan, Kyle Jacobsen, Collin Mayes, Bailey Propsting, Zac King. Kyneton: Jackson Millard, Leyton Chisholm, Jonas Parsons, Sebastian McArdle, Dylan Holden, Cooper Matricardi

Neville Strauch medal: Bailey Propsting, Strathfieldsaye.

SportsPower award: Nathan Fisher, Kyneton.

Under-14 division 2

Marong 2.3 5.6 7.7 8.11 (59) d Huntly 0.2 0.4 4.5 5.5 (35)

GOALS – Marong: Brayden Parsons, Tom Nunn, William Taylor 2, Patrick Gretgrix, Zachary Stanford. Huntly: Bodene Davidson 4, Harley Turner.

BEST – Marong: Tyler Borserio, Ryan Costello, Patrick Gretgrix, Jack O’Hara, Harry Baker, William Taylor.  Huntly: Jayden Beqir, Joshua Thompson, Bodene Davidson, Benjamin Holt, Rowan Douglas, Thomas Bickley.

Neville Strauch medal: Patrick Gretgrix, Marong.

SportsPower award: Jayden Beqir, Huntly.

Under-16 seniors 

Golden Square 3.3 4.10 9.10 14.11 (95) d Kennington Sandhurst 1.2 6.3 10.3 14.5 (89) 

GOALS – Golden Square: Jordan Rosengren 5, Daniel Fynch, Jayden Burke, Liam Jacques, Mitchell Edwards 2, Alex Williamson. Kennington-Sandhurst: Hugh Bruinier 5, Kyle Chant, Billy Evans 2, Jayden Baber, James Coghlan, Jake Moorhead, Xavier Walsh, Lachlan Tardrew.

BEST – Golden Square: Paul Symons, Jordan Rosengren, Mitchell Edwards, Sam Harper, Philip Ryan, Ben Connelly. Kennington-Sandhurst- Hugh Bruinier, Xavier Walsh, Lachlan Tardrew, Billy Evans, Rhys Deacon, Zebb Clayden-Murrell

Neville Strauch medal: Jayden Burke, Golden Square.

SportsPower award: Billy Evans, Kennington-Sandhurst.

Under 16 reserves

White Hills 1.3 7.4 9.9 18.7 (115)

Golden Square 5.3 7.3 11.2 11.6 (72) 

GOALS – White Hills: Thomas Clarke 11, Anthony Bigham, Lachlan Brook 3, Doolan Nihill. Golden Square: Nathan Fitzpatrick 4, Lachlan Pollock 3, Corey Wells, Shawn Harris, Isaac Miller, Beau Roy-Clements.

BEST – White Hills: Daniel Keogh, Jess Vickery, Thomas Clarke, Murray Spence, Anthony Bigham, Tom Brereton. Golden Square: Beau Roy-Clements, Luke Garner, Blake Arnell, Nathan Fitzpatrick, Scott Stringer, Hayden Lea, Brayden Forrest.

Neville Strauch medal: Tom Clarke, White Hills. SportsPower award: Beau Roy-Clements, Golden Square. 

Under-18 girls

Mooroopna 1.2 4.3 4.5 5.8 (38) d 

Huntly 0.3 0.3 0.5 1.5 (11)

GOALS – Mooroopna: Paige Basch, Laura Case 2, Kayla Doyle. Huntly: Morgan McQualter.

BEST – Mooroopna: Allie Johns, Reni Hicks, Brittany Tancred, Samantha Spencer, Paige Basch, Katie Dyer. Huntly: Grace Campbell, Lily Campbell, Brooke Dwyer, Breanna Gaylor, Katrina Whittle, Morgan McQualter.

Neville Strauch medal: Grace Campbell, Huntly.  SportsPower award: Paige Baksch, Mooroopna. 

PRESSURE: Golden Square's Wil Allen chases St Therese's young gun Ben Hann as Sharks team-mate James Vlaeminck also charges down the pavilion wing in the under-12A grand final at BJFL headquarters in Kennington. Picture: JULIE HOUGH

PRESSURE: Golden Square's Wil Allen chases St Therese's young gun Ben Hann as Sharks team-mate James Vlaeminck also charges down the pavilion wing in the under-12A grand final at BJFL headquarters in Kennington. Picture: JULIE HOUGH


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