One of those crazy old nights at Hanging Rock

WITH lightning flashing behind the Hanging Rock stage and storm clouds rolling ever closer, the Eagles launched into Tequila Sunrise.

Halfway through the song, the stage shook violently, heavy rain left the audience running for cover and the band vacated the stage.

The "curse of Hanging Rock" seemed destined to strike again.

Just three months after the Rolling Stones cancelled their concert at the venue, the worst fears of Eagles fans seemed to be coming true.

Winds over 100 km/h shook the stage violently and one of the big screens came loose, swinging in the wind.

It was clear there was going to be heartache tonight.

While some fans made for the exit, others braved the extreme weather eager to see just a final few songs.

Cindy Nickels was among those desperate to see the remainder of the show - rain, hail or shine.

"The lightning was awesome behind the stage and then it hit," she said on the Bendigo Advertiser Facebook page.

"(Eagles front man) Glenn Frey yelled 'Get out!' and they cleared the stage.

"I thought the stage was gonna come down."

Singer Don Henley assured fans they would be back, and those who waited weren't disappointed.

The stage had been taken to the limit, but after 45 minutes the rain subsided and the band returned to the relief of those who saw out the storm.

It seemed fitting that One of These Nights was next on the set list.

Having gotten through six songs before the storm arrived, the Eagles managed to play the remainder of the show without a break.

The storm had become a distant memory, barely even acknowledged by the seasoned performers.

Cindy said it was an unforgettable night.

"After an hour of sitting in the rain, they cleaned and mopped up and the band came back out and played right through to 11pm," Cindy said. 

"We were all drenched, but so worth it."


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