Fires at Kyneton, Edgecombe, Langley and Harcourt North

CFA crews on the scene of the fire at Harcourt North. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY
CFA crews on the scene of the fire at Harcourt North. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

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THURSDAY, 8.25am: 

SEVERAL grass and scrub fires burned in central Victoria late Wednesday, keeping firefighters busy.

Fires broke out at Kyneton, Eddington, Baringhup and Harcourt North.

The CFA issued an emergency warning for residents in Kyneton and Bald Hill following a fire at the corner of Blackhill Road and Fords Lane, which broke out about 5.30pm.  

The emergency warning was extended to Edgecombe, Langley, Greenhill and Woodleigh Heights at 6pm.

The Black Hill fire threatened properties and Kyneton Ridge Estate. 

It was brought under control between 11pm and 12pm, a CFA spokesman says. 

The Harcourt North fire, which is believed to have been caused by a lightning strike, was controlled just after 6pm on Wednesday. 

More than 17 crews attended the blaze. 

Firies are expected to remain on scene at Kyneton on Thursday to black out.

WEDNESDAY, UPDATE 7.51am: The Department of Environment and Primary Industries has also issued an advice message for Kingower, Kooyoora, Rheola and Brenanah.

Firefighters remained in the Kooyoora State Park (near Inglewood) overnight, responding to a fire. 

There is no threat to communities, but people should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions, the advice message warns.

Safety Information:

Review your bushfire survival plan.

If you do not have a plan, decide what you will do if the situation changes.

If you have time check your neighbours to see if they are monitoring conditions.

If you are experiencing smoke exposure, seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

Stay Informed:


Tune to ABC Local Radio, commercial and designated community radio stations, or Sky News TV.

Call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on freecall 1800 240 667.

Deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech/communication impairment can contact VBIL via the National Relay Service on 1800 555 677.

For help with English, call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 (freecall) and ask them to telephone VBIL. If you know someone who cannot speak English, provide them with this number.

Download the FireReady App or follow CFA_Updates on Twitter (#VicFires) or Facebook.

Road closures: check VicRoads website.

UPDATE 7.30am THURSDAY: Communities are no longer under any threat from the fires in the Kyneton region.

There is an advice message in place for the Bald Hill, Edgecombe, Woodleigh Heights, Langley and Greenhill areas, relating to the Blackhill Road fire.

It reads:

"You are no longer under any threat.

"The major roads at Heathcote-Kyneton Road is open with speed restrictions in place. Local roads near the fire are still closed.

"Smoke will be visible from nearby communities and roads including Kyneton. The relief centre located at Kyneton has now closed."

There is also an advice message in place for Harcourt North and Harcourt. The CFA advises fire activity in the Harcourt North area has subsided and last night's bushfire is now safe.

Smoke may still be visible from nearby communities and roads.

UPDATE 8.11PM WEDNESDAY: Firefighters are still battling blazes in the Kyneton region and have now been backed up by air support. Emergency warnings are still in place for Kyneton, Edgecombe, Langley, Greenhill, Woodleigh Heights and Bald Hill.

The main fire is believed to be heading towards Redesdale Road, north of Redhill Road and east of Blackhill School Road.

The CFA has warned that spotfires and ember attacks may be ahead of the fire.

UPDATE 6.17PM: A small grass and scrub fire at Harcourt North, which started as a result of lightning strike, is now under control.

A separate fire on Barker Road, Harcourt North, is still burning.

An earlier fire on Barker Road was contained about 5.23pm.

UPDATE 6.12PM: The CFA has updated its emergency warning for fires in the Kyneton region.

The warning now includes Edgecombe, Langley, Greenhill, Woodleigh Heights, Bald Hill and  Kyneton.

A CFA spokesman said there was a fast moving, out of control bushfire travelling in a southerly direction from Pickerings Lane towards Edgecombe Road.

UPDATE 5.50PM: CFA crews are battling three separate fires in Kyneton, including one on Blackhill Road and one on Blackhill School Road.

It is believed at least one of the fires was sparked by lightning.

An emergency warning has been issued for a fire the corner of Blackhill Road and Fords Lane.

The warning is for Kyneton and Bald Hill.

The grassfire is travelling in a southerly direction.

The CFA advises residents it is too late to leave and they should take shelter indoors immediately.

Residents are advised to close all exterior doors, windows and vents and turn off cooling systems.

They should take shelter in a room that has a door and or a window to the outside.

"It is critical to keep an eye on what is happening with the fire," a CFA spokesman said.

One vehicle is on its way to a third fire at an unknown location in Kyneton.

A column of smoke was reported at Langley at 5.20pm.

CFA crews are attending a structural fire.

A small grass and scrub fire is also burning at Edgecombe.

UPDATE 5.23PM: A small grass and scrub fire is also burning at Harcourt North as a result of lightning strike.

There are three CFA vehicles attending with 17 more on the way.

A separate fire on Barker Road has now been deemed safe.

EARLIER: Lightning has caused one fire in Raywood while two small fires at Eddington and Baringhup were burning on Wednesday afternoon due to unknown causes.

The Raywood fire started at 3.51pm and was brought under control by 5pm with four vehicles attending.

A fire which started at Baringhup at 4.13pm was attended by two tankers and a command vehicle and was also believed to have been controlled.

A scrub and grass fire on the Bendigo-Maryborough Road in Eddington was also believed to be controlled.