Exciting start to Bendigo Junior Football League's finals series 

THERE were many closely-fought finishes in the weekend’s start to the finals series in the Bendigo Bank-backed Bendigo Junior Football League.

Footy fans witnessed great matches from the under-12 to under-18 girls’ division at either BJFL headquarters at Kennington’s Harry Trott Oval or at Weeroona Oval.

In the under-12A competition, Strathfieldsaye beat South Bendigo by two points.

Storm won 32-30 against the young Bloods.

White Hills won the under-12B qualifying final against Marong by seven points.

In the under-14 division seniors competition, Eaglehawk advanced to the second semi-final after a one-goal win against Strathfieldsaye.

It was a thriller in the under-14 division one reserves competition as Sandhurst Marist Dockers beat Castlemaine by a point in the first semi-final.

Maryborough stayed in the premiership race after it won the under-16 seniors elimination final against Castlemaine by four points.

In the under-18 girls’ finals, Eaglehawk eliminated Notre Dame College.

The Two Blues won by 87 points.

Huntly dominated the qualifying clash with North Bendigo.

The in-form Grace Campbell kicked seven goals for the Hawks at Harry Trott Oval in Neale Street, Kennington.

Scores from week one in the La Trobe University-sponsored finals series:


First semi-fnal

Strathfieldsaye 4.8 (32) d South Bendigo 4.6 (30). 

GOALS  – Strathfieldsaye: M. Stewart, C. May, S. Watts, J. Power. South Bendigo: E. Hobson 2, H. Webb, S. Hill.

BEST – Strathfieldsaye: E. Hylett, R. Wilson, J. Rodda, S. Mitchell, J. Lesuey, M. Wakefield. South Bendigo: E. Hobson, K. Bertuch, J. Waldron, M. Long, P. Keogh, K. Katov.


Elimination final

North Bendigo 12.8 (80) d Golden Square 6.10 (46).

GOALS – North Bendigo: T. Bysouth 6, M. Colston 2, M. Goodwin, B. Hodgskiss, C. Etheredge, J. Hynes. Golden Square: A. Jenkyn 3, J. Opie 2, H. Young.

BEST – North Bendigo: T. Bysouth, B. Hodgskiss, C. Etheredge, S. Knoll, M. Goodwin, J. Goodwin. Golden Square: C. Wright, A. Jenkyn, J. Opie, L. Monti, L. Tranter, R. Jones. 

Qualifying final 

White Hills 5.3 (33) d Marong 3.8 (26).

GOALS – White Hills: D. Daniels 2, K. Daniels, D. Van Coller, D. Spicer. Marong: N. Leach 2, T. McKinley.

BEST – White Hills: J. West, D. Spicer, K. Daniels, D. Daniels, C. Cooper, D. Mathers. Marong: L. Baker, T. McKinley, A. MacDonald, B. MacDonald, J. Naughton, M. Rovers.


First semi-final

Strathfieldsaye 2.9 (21) d Kennington-Sandhurst 1.1 (7).

GOALS  – Strathfieldsaye: L. Harrington, C. Coleman. Kennington-Sandhurst: R. Moore.

BEST – Strathfieldsaye: E. Coleman, M. Wakefield, A. White, L. Harrington, M. Kelly, Z. Tuohey. Kennington-Sandhurst: R. Moore, R. Salvador, J. Buckell, T. Hawke, L. Ladiges, H. Wright.

Under 14 div. 1 seniors

Elimination final 

Castlemaine 16.6 (102) d Golden Square 10.6 (66).

GOALS – Castlemaine: D. Ahern 6, K. McBride, H. Brereton 2, J. White, J. Parsons, B. Henderson, D. Semmens, J. Power, K. Farrell. Golden Square: J. Waldron 5, B. Harvey, E. Crothers 2, C. Draper.

BEST – Castlemaine: B. Henderson, D. Ahern, J. Parsons, K. Farrel, H. Brereton, J. Pedretti. Golden Square: R. Saunders, P. Rothacker, J. Kautai, E. Crothers, C. Draper, T. Mercadante.

Qualifying final

Eaglehawk 8.5 (53) d Strathfieldsaye 7.5 (47).

GOALS – Eaglehawk: K. Hommelhoff 3, M. Higgs, B. Moss 2, T. Eliades. Strathfieldsaye: L. Ratcliffe 4, A. Schumacher 2, J. Coleman.

BEST – Eaglehawk: K. Hommelhoff, M. Higgs, T. Eliades, C. Schepers, E. Kemp, S. Dean. Strathfieldsaye: M. Wade, J. Coleman, J. Leusey, A. Schumacher, J. Neylon, L. Gill.

Under 14 div. 1 reserves

First semi-final

Sandhurst Marist Dockers 2.11 (23) d Castlemaine 3.4 (22). 

GOALS – Sandhurst Marist Dockers: L. Stark, K. Shelton. Castlemaine: J. Wootton, J. Moran, D. Carroll. BEST – Sandhurst Marist Dockers: L. Mynard, R. Butler, T. Bakes, T. Boykett, L. Flanagan, N. Tobin. Castlemaine: J. Wootton, K. Hamilton, N. Woodman, J. Cochrane, C. Leevers, D. Quinn.

Under 14 division 2

First semi-final 

Huntly 10.9 (69) d Calivil United 4.6 (30), 

GOALS  – Huntly: B. Davidson, H. Turner 3, J. Beqir 2, J. Thompson G. Douglas. Calivil United: M. Addlem, B. Vickery, C. Bourne, B. Welsh. BEST – Huntly: J. Beqir, R. Douglas, T. Harrington, S. Billett, J. Manton, J. Thompson. Calivil United B. Welsh, D. Hughes, A. Watson, H. Calder, K. Hawken, J. O’Neill 

Under-16 seniors 

Elimination final 

Maryborough 7.12 (54) d Castlemaine 7.8 (50).

GOALS – Maryborough: B. Wagstaff, R. Egan 2, M. Campbell, J. Templeton, J. Rollason. Castlemaine: K. Timmins 3, P. Schembri 2, M. Noonan, N. McLaren.

BEST – Maryborough: C. Perry, J. Rollason, L. Vadala, D. Shanahan, R. Egan, B. Wagstaff. Castlemaine: M. Trait, P. Schembri, J. Cappy, L. Flower, B. York, X. Mawson.

Qualifying final

Golden Square 16.6 (102) d Strathfieldsaye 12.5 (77). 

GOALS – Golden Square: B. Connelly 5, L. Ryan, L. Jacques, C. Miller 2, L. Hall, L. Humphrey, L. Garner, P. Ryan, J. Rosengren. Strathfieldsaye: J. Sheahan 4, Z. Coleman, H. Schumacher 2, T. Gill, C. Hansen, M. O’Sullivan, F. Payne. BEST – Golden Square: L. Hall, M. Edwards, B. Connelly, S. Wild, P. Ryan, L. Ryan. Strathfieldsaye: F. Payne, C. Hansen, T. Cole, T. Romeril, H. Schumacher, L. Balasopolous. 

Under-16 reserves 

First semi-final

Strathfieldsaye 9.15 (69) d Kennington-Sandhurst 6.9 (39).

GOALS – Strathfieldsaye: L. Kane, S. Barnes, M. Ottrey 2, C. Hampton, T. Mansbridge, T. Sardone. Kennington=Sandhurst: J. Exell, J. Walsh, W. Johnstone, J. Harrington, B. Mensforth. BEST – Strathfieldsaye: M. Stewart, T. Sardone, S. Barnes, R. Boucher, M. Bartlett, C. Hampton. Kennington-Sandhurst: J. Ryan, J. Walsh, M. Gibbs, B. Hodges, W. Schofield, H. Stewart

Under-18 girls

Elimination final

Eaglehawk 13.16 (94) d Notre Dame College 1.1 (7). GOALS – Eaglehawk: B. Boyd, T. Graham 4, M. Jeanes, G. Andrea, P. Biddle, J. Kearney, T. Greenwood. Notre Dame: T. Cirillo. BEST – Eaglehawk: B. Boyd, T. Greenwood, M. Jeanes, J. Kearney, Z. Knight, P. Biddle. Notre Dame College: T. D’Amore, S. Bogdan, T. Cirillo.

Qualifying final

Huntly 17.14 (116) d North Bendigo 0.0 (0). GOALS – Huntly: G. Campbell 7, C. Reeves 3, M. McQualter, B. Gaylor 2, K. Whittle, R. Campbell, L. Campbell. BEST – Huntly: R. Campbell, B. Gaylor, G. Campbell, L. Campbell, A. Mitchell, B. Dwyer. North Bendigo: M. Metcalf, C. Williamson, C. Talbot, J. Sawers, C. Walkington, J. Hicks.  

ATTACK: Huntly's Joseph Manton kicks in the under-14 clash with Calivil United. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

ATTACK: Huntly's Joseph Manton kicks in the under-14 clash with Calivil United. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY


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