Police say engraving tools helps

POLICE are continuing to encourage tradies to engrave their tools as a form of identification.

Tradies tools have been target in a series of burglaries in the past months.

Senior constable Jamie Stubbins said stolen tools weren't always easy to find but that if a name or licence number was engraves on them, it made it easier to return the items to the owners.

"In the past week we were able to locate tools that had been lost after falling off the back of a ute," he said.

"Because they were engraved it was easy to locate the owner.

"They are highly valuable items and not always easy to find if stolen or lost.

"Engraving the tools with identifications does work."

Bendigo police are also asking residents to keep a vigilant eye out for suspicious activity on residential building and industrial sites.

Police say there has been suspicious activity on industrial sites and residential building sites that result in opportunistic theft of materials and property damage.

Senior Constable Stubbins said industrial sites were often targeted on weekends when no one was there.

"New estates are often targets because there is not many people living on them at the moment," he said.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity should contact Tripe-0 or report it to Bendigo police on 5448 1300. 


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