Updates: Loddon Valley footy preliminary final


BRIDGEWATER and Bears Lagoon-Serpentine are fighting to be first to the seniors grand in Saturday's second semi-final in the Loddon Valley Football League.

Unbeaten in 16 matches, Bridgewater is hot favourite to beat the Bears at Riverside Park in Newbridge.

The Bears kicked off their finals campaign by winning last Saturday's qualifying final against Pyramid Hill by a goal.

Final siren: Bridgewater coach Andy Collins goals as siren sounds. Bridgewater 16,14 (110) d Bears Lagoon-Serpentine 8.9 (57).

Fourth quarter, 26 mins: Snap goal by Nick Harris. Bridgewater leads 104 to 57.

Fourth quarter, 25 mins: Another poster by Bridgey. Lead 97-47.

Fourth quarter, 18 mins: Harry Symons wins sprint to bouncing ball and goals on run. Bridgewater leads by 39.

Fourth quarter, 16 mins: Rohde on target again. Bridgey by 33.

Fourth quarter, 14 mins: Harry Symons marks and plays on quickly in goalsquare to boot Bridgewater's 12th. Machine leads by 27.

Fourth quarter, 12 mins: Bridgewater peppering goals, but off target. Machine leads 78-57.

Fourth quarter, 7 mins. Bridgewater miss set-shot. Machine leads 75-57.

Fourth quarter,  4 mins: Long-awaited goal for Bears kicked by Justin Wilson. Bridgey leads 73-57

Three quarter-time: Bridgewater 11.6 (72) leads BL-Serpentine 7.9 (51).

Third quarter, 29 mins: Brad Rohde goals again after excellent play by the pacy Callum Prest to win contest at half-forward. Rohde's shot sails through on siren. Bridgewater leads 72-51.

Third quarter, 24 mins: Marc Lindsay goals on run. Bridgewater leads 66-50.

Third quarter, 20 mins: Bridgewater miss set-shot, but leads 60-50.

Third quarter, 19 mins: Brad Rohde goals to put Bridgewater up by nine, 59-50.

Third quarter, 18 mins: Bridgewater leads 53-50.

Third quarter, 13 mins: Sustained attacks by Bridgewater rewarded when Andy Collins marks pass and goals. Bridgey leads 53-49.

Third quarter, 11 mins: Bears lead 49-47.

Third quarter, 8 mins: Bears lead 49-45.

Third quarter, 2 mins: Patrick Ring goals on run from pocket for the Bears. Serp leads 49-44.

Half-time: Bridgewater by a point at long break in a terrific contest. Machine had kicked away to a 14-point lead, but Serp struck back with consecutive goals through Josh Hutton and Gareth Bowes. 

Bridgewater 7.2 (44) leads Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 6.7 (43).

Second quarter, 28 mins: Bears back within two points after superb goal by Gareth Bowes on run. Bridgewater leads 44-42.

Second quarter, 25 mins: Josh Hutton marks and goals for Bears after 50m penalty. Bridgewater leads 44-36.

Second quarter. 2/ mins: Zeb Broadbent kicks second of contest for Bridgewater. Machine leads 44-30 and doing lots of attacking.

Second quarter, 21 mins: Bridgewater's Taylor Strachan swoops on ball off marking contest and goals on run. Machine leads 38-30.

Second quarter, 15 mins: Bridgewater's Brad Rohde marks Zac East pass and goals. Machine leads 32-30.

Second quarter, 7 mins: Justin Wilson kicks second goal for Bears. Serp leads 30-26.

Second quarter, 6 mins: Bears into attack for first time, but miss set-shot. Bridgewater leads 26-24.

Second quarter, 4 mins: Machine has kicked into gear. Deon Jones goals on run. Bridgewater leads 26-23.

Second quarter, 3 mins: Zeb Broadbent goals for Bridgewater. Bears lead 23-20.

Second quarter, 1 minute: Bridgewater straight from centre ball-up to leading Andy Collins to mark and goal. Bears lead 23-14.

Quarter-time: BL-Serpentine 3.5 (23) leads Bridgewater 1.2 (8).

Bears dominance in last five minutes of quarter rewarded with back-to-back goals.Shot as siren sounded hit the goalpost.

First quarter, 27 mins: Bears lead 21-8 after Justin Wilson's diving mark and goal at 45 metres.

First quarter, 25 mins: Bears lead 14-8 after great goal by Brodie Leonard-Shannon from 50m at centre half-forward.

First quarter, 15 mins: Josh McLeod goals on run. Bridgewater leads 8-6.

First quarter, 11 mins: Bears lead 6-1 after Paul Olsen goal.

First quarter,10 minutes: Defences well on top. Bridgewater leads 1-0.


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