Ice bucket challenge editor drenching on cards after Lougoon offers $200

UPDATE, WEDNESDAY NOON: Pat Sheehan and the Rising Sun Hotel have tipped in $200 to the Ice Bucket Challenge appeal.

UPDATE, MONDAY 4.45PM: Doug Lougoon Real Estate has pledged $200 to ensure Bendigo Advertiser editor Rod Case gets an Ice Bucket Challenge drenching.

Mr Case and Bendigo Weekly editor Anthony Radford will do the Ice Bucket Challenge if enough people donate money to Motor Neurone Disease research.

An anonymous donor has pledged $500, Poyser Motors and Doug Lougoon Real Estate $200, Bendigo Weekly general manager Peter Kennedy and Haven CEO Ken Marchingo $100.

Donation offers will close at 9am on Wednesday.

UPDATE, FRIDAY 4.45PM: Poyser Motors in Bendigo has offered up $200 for Motor Neurone Disease Victoria to see Bendigo Advertiser editor Rod Case and Bendigo Weekly editor Anthony Radford drenched in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mr Case and Mr Radford were nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge by City of Greater Bendigo CEO Craig Niemann who copped a drenching this week.

The editors said they would do the challenge only if businesses offered up some cold, hard cash in support of Motor Neurone Disease Victoria who is just $2000 short of its $40,000 fundraising target.

“Poyser Motors are delighted to support the Motor Neurone Disease Ice Bucket Challenge campaign,” Adam Poyser said.

“It’s been great to see our community, business and sporting leaders accept the challenge for such an important cause.

“I know newspaper editors can get a little hot under the collar, so this may be a welcome relief.''

Bendigo Advertiser staff donated proceeds from a casual day on Friday to Motor Neurone Disease to see Mr Case drenched.

Haven Home Safe chief executive officer Ken Marchingo has also offered up $100 to dump a bucket of ice on Mr Radford. 

EARLIER: Bendigo Advertiser editor Rod Case and Bendigo Weekly editor Anthony Radford have teamed up to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease.

City of Greater Bendigo chief executive officer Craig Niemann nominated the editors for the Ice Bucket Challenge after copping his own drenching this week.

The editors have agreed to take part - only if someone puts up cash in support of MND for one or a good deal for both.

''The Ice Bucket Challenge has done wonderful things to generate awareness of Motor Neurone Disease but it's also important to raise money for research as well,'' Mr Case said.

''Motor Neurone Disease Victoria is just $2300 short of its $40,000 Ice Bucket Challenge fundraising target, so we'd like to help them over the line.  

''I'd dare to suggest there's probably some people out there who would relish the opportunity to tip a bucket on some local newspaper editors, well, here's your chance.

''It's not often you get the opportunity to get some great exposure in both of Bendigo's newspapers but anyone who puts up some good cash will certainly get that.''

Mr Radford thanked Mr Niemann for his nomination, adding 'that won't be forgotten in a hurry'.

"It was a good idea by Rod to go that little bit further to raise as much money as we can for MND research,'' he said.

"I have a family friend who died of MND, so to try to raise as much as we can is a great opportunity.

"No doubt there are a few people out there who now enjoy the fact I have a price on my head, albeit to tip a bucket of cold water over it.

"I can think of a couple of people who work in the Bridge or Arnold Street areas who would love to make me look silly.

"There might even be a couple in the Advertiser building at Queen Street who think along the same lines.

"The ball is in your court, now, so let's try and raise as much as we can to help push the total as close as we can to that $40,000 mark.''


Email offers to or by the deadline of 9am Wednesday.

C'mon, you know you want to!


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