Ask The Inspector: Be sure to protect property

Police recover a stolen motorcycle. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY
Police recover a stolen motorcycle. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

THE latest crime and traffic statistics highlight the excellent work being done by the dedicated police in Bendigo to reduce crime and road trauma.  

There has been a reduction in the number of crimes against the person and property and significant work performed over the past 12 months to address drug offending, with a 107.7 per cent increase in the number of offences detected. 

Police will continue to target and be tasked towards reducing the number of residential and commercial burglaries. 

The number of thefts from motor cars has also increased and police will continue to work towards reducing this trend.  

The public can assist by locking their cars and not leaving valuable items of property in them.  

There are significant building projects being undertaken in the Bendigo area and it is important that tradespeople lock their vehicles and secure their equipment at all times.  

However, it is pleasing to note that there has been a 13.4 per cent reduction in the number of cars stolen.

There has recently been an increase in the theft of trailers, both private and commercial.  

It can be difficult identifying the owners of recovered trailers, especially those that are unregistered and have no identifying features.  

If you have a trailer, I ask that you take a photograph of it and record any compliance numbers or other distinctive features.  

This will assist police if you become the victim of a theft.  

However, to prevent having your trailer stolen, secure it when not in use by using a high-quality lock or chain.  

It is also advisable to record serial numbers, model numbers and take photographs of electronic and electrical equipment that can be attractive items to criminals.  

Photographs of jewellery will also assist police in identification. 

Recently police have taken a number of reports of the opportunistic theft of small personal items such as iPhones and iPads.  If you have any information that can assist police in the recovery of stolen property, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.      


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