Good morning Bendigo - 26.08.14

Good morning Bendigonians :) 

There's definitely a beautiful feeling in the air today; there's no doubt Spring is on its way.

Mostly sunny with a top of 19 degrees today

Just perfect!

Smooth sailing for all our commuters out there. 

A Bendigo man, 26, is in hospital after the car he was driving lost control and hit a tree in Bancroft Street.

Acting Sergeant Kevyn Hume-Cook of Bendigo police said the Ford Falcon was travelling east along Bancroft Street when it lost control and hit a tree near Rosalind Street. 

Police have charged a man after 139 firearms were seized from a property in Myers Flat, near Bendigo. 

Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit detectives joined uniform members to raid a rural property on Saturday morning and located the firearms. 

55BC - Roman forces under Julius Caesar invade Britain.

580 - Toilet paper is invented by the Chinese.

1883 - Cricket's Ashes trophy is created when a defeated English captain is presented with an urn containing ashes of the 1882-3 stumps following Australia's victory.

1912 - The first Tarzan story by William Rice Burroughs appears in a US magazine.

1957 - Soviet Union announces it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

1972 - The summer Olympics open in Munich, West Germany; Death of British yachtsman Sir Francis Chichester.

1998 - A three-week-old rebellion reaches the outskirts of Congo's capital Kinshasa, and hundreds of soldiers are wounded and killed.

2003 - Rwandan President Paul Kagame is the overwhelming winner of presidential elections, the first since the 1994 genocide.

2007 - Massive fires consume large areas of southern Greece and race toward the site of the ancient Olympics, killing at least 57 people in the country's worst wildfires in decades.

Sir Robert Walpole, first prime minister of Britain (1676-1745)

Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, French co-inventor of hot-air balloon (1740-1810)

Mother Teresa, Catholic nun and missionary (1910-1997)

Delvene Delaney, Australian TV personality (1951-)

Macaulay Culkin, US actor (1980-)

Jesse Martin, Australian sailor, (1981-)

What kind of car does Mickey Mouse's wife drive?

A minnie van!

What does baking powder produce when water is added, which makes dough rise?

How is something cooked if it is saute?

Who played Sidney in “Scream” and “Scream 2”?

Who was the fourth 007?

Pythagoras's most famous theorem is about which geometric shape?

The longest one syllable word in the English language is screeched

1. Carbon dioxide 2. Fried 3. Neve Campbell 4. Timothy Dalton 5. Triangle


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