A wedding, smoke alarm and pop star

Weddings rarely go to plan, but it's not often a pesky smoke alarm brings Australia's own Queen of Pop to the reception.

Kara Denmeade and Warwick Simmonds were celebrating their nuptials at Bendigo's Old Fire Station this evening when a smoke alarm forced them to evacuate the building.

As fire crews descended on the View Street site, eagle-eyed guests spotted Australian pop icon Marcia Hines among the crowd.

Hines is in Bendigo as part of her national tour Amazing and will perform tonight at The Capital theatre.

The groom's brother-in-law James Somerville told the Bendigo Advertiser the smoke alarm went of shortly before speeches were due to begin at 5pm.

"It was a 1940s themed wedding and the dance floor had a smoke machine," he said.

"Apparently they failed to turn off one of the smoke alarms and because of that it went off.  

"At first we thought it was a joke, but then we were all told to evacuate."

Mr Somerville said once firefighters had deemed the building safe, they happily posed for photos with the wedding party.

After a 30-minute delay, guests were ushered back into the building and settled in for the rest of the wedding festivities.

Fortunately, the bride and groom saw the funny side of the unexpected turn of events.

"They were just laughing and we got a few good snaps so they're happy," Mr Somerville said.

"They wanted a memorable wedding and I think they've got that."