Injured rider makes plea to find helpful stranger

A young motorcyclist wants to find the man who helped him in the moments right after his bike crashed into a ute on Tuesday.

William Ross Main, 20, was propelled from his bike onto the bonnet of the ute and hit his head on the windshield.

As he lay injured on the road at the intersection of Helm and Wesley Streets in Kangaroo Flat, an unknown man came to his aid.

"I was on the ground, I was in a lot of pain," William said.

"He came and put my head on his lap until the ambulance came." 

William said he didn't get to see the man but remembers him saying: "Keep your head straight mate". 

"I'd just really like to thank him and give him something for my appreciation, I don't know what though," William said.

William's mother, who does not wish to have her name used, was at the scene in minutes because the crash occurred close to the family home. 

She can't remember what the man looked like, but said he was calm and reassuring.

"He was really good, he had everything under control," she said. 

William has been recovering at Bendigo Base Hospital but is still in pain.

He has four fractures to his left femur and torn ligaments in his ankle. 

Doctors have told him the injuries will take six months to heal, including the first eight weeks where he will not be allowed to put weight on his left leg. 

Despite the scare of the crash and the injuries, William said he was keen to get back on the road. 

"I don't want it to stop me," he said.

He is already looking to buy a new motorcycle. 

William's mother said the whole family were keen motorcyclists and she felt comfortable allowing William to get a new bike. 

She said the crash was simply a case of "wrong place, wrong time".

"He wasn't mucking around or speeding or anything like that, it just happened," she said.

But she said television advertisements advising car drivers to be careful of motorcyclists was useful, but said both sides needed to be aware of their actions.

"Bikers are telling car drivers to look out. I think bikers need to take that extra look as well."


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