Drug treatment for cannabis trafficker

A KANGAROO Flat man has faced court for drug trafficking after police found drugs, deal bags and "tick sheets" at his home.

Officers executed a search warrant at the home of Timothy Davis, 45, on May 14 this year and found evidence of drug trafficking including a quantity of cannabis, $950 in cash, a mobile phone and paperwork used to track drug deals.

Police also found an unsecured .22 calibre rifle, a white crystal substance and a recipe for cooking the highly-addictive drug ice.

Davis pleaded guilty in Bendigo Magistrates Court on Monday to trafficking, cultivating, possessing and using cannabis, dealing in proceeds of crime and possessing a long-arm firearm.

The court heard Davis had begun smoking cannabis aged nine, and had been growing a cannabis plant in a cupboard for personal use during the past month.

Defence lawyer Luke Docherty told the court his client was not involved in sophisticated drug trafficking but would pool money with friends and take it in turns to buy cannabis which would then be distributed among the friendship group.

He said Davis used cannabis to ease his depression and to supplement pain medication taken to treat back injuries suffered when he was aged 19 and 40.

Magistrate Marc Sargent told the court it was important for Davis, who had no criminal history, to be assisted with his drug use and mental and physical health.

Mr Sargent convicted Davis and sentenced him to a 12-month community corrections order with associated treatment programs.