Good Morning Bendigo - 19.08.14

Good Morning Bendigo!

You might still feel you're on the wrong side of the week, but let's be positive today! It's Tuesday. 

A top of 14 degrees and mostly sunny. More details here

No delays. 

People who attack and kill others without warning in “one punch” incidents will spend at least a decade behind bars under new Victorian laws.

The state government announced the changes on Sunday, with those who punch unsuspecting victims without warning to face a 10 year minimum jail term if convicted.

Cancelling the passports of suspected jihadists and introducing tough anti-terrorism laws will not stop the next Khaled Sharrouf, according to those close to the Sydney terrorist.

As Tony Abbott met with Muslim leaders on Monday, respected community figure Dr Jamal Rifi was one of several leaders to lash out at the government's "nonsensical" approach of cancelling passports without any properly resourced community programs to supplement it.

Clive Palmer has vowed to block any move by the Abbott government to weaken or abolish Australia’s renewable energy target during this parliament.

The Palmer United Party leader has said his party will stick to the promise it made in June to oppose any changes before the next election to the target, now set at 41,000 gigawatt hours of renewable energy production annually by 2020.

Julian Assange plans to walk out of Ecuador’s embassy a free man, avoiding arrest and extradition to Sweden to face questioning about sexual assault and rape allegations. 

In an exclusive interview with Fairfax Media, Mr Assange said he anticipated legal reforms in Britain would facilitate a resolution of his circumstances and end the prospect of his extradition to Sweden. 

1692 - 5 more people executed (hanged) for witchcraft (20 in all) in Salem, Massachusetts

1849 - NY Herald reports gold discovery in California

1888 - 1st beauty contest (Spa, Belgium), 18 yr old West Indian wins

1897 - 1st electric taxis drive in London

1914 - German army executed 150 Belgians by firing squad

1942 - Over 4,000 Canadian & British soldiers killed, wounded or captured raiding Dieppe, France

1978 - 422 die in an arson fire at a movie theater in Iran

1979 - "My Sharonna" by the Knack hits #1 (stays for 42 days)

1995 - Mike Tyson returns to the ring & DQs Peter McNeeley in 38 seconds

1646 - John Flamsteed, 1st astronomer royal of England

1785 - Seth Thomas, pioneer in mass production of clocks

1871 - Orville Wright, Dayton OH, aviator (Wright Brothers)

1946 - Bill Clinton, Hope Arkansas, 42nd United States President (Democrat, 1993-01)

1983 - Missy Higgins, Australian singer-songwriter

People who work at night tend to weigh more.

Which garden fruit has poisonous leaves and edible stems? 

Which lady’s Vineyard is an island off Cape Cod?

What is the scientific study of inheritance called?

What percentage is an eight?

In which London Square is the US Embassy?

Answers: 1. Rhubarb 2. Martha’s 3. Genetics 4. 12.5% 5. Grosvenor

What stays in the corner and travels all over the world?

A stamp.

Have a great day!



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