Alleged violent attacker bailed

A DRUG-ADDICT who allegedly attacked a man during a violent day-time home invasion has been granted bail.

George Borg, 45, assaulted a Kyneton man in his home while demanding money on the afternoon of July 14.

Magistrate Marc Sargent released Borg from a month in custody on Monday after being persuaded the time spent in jail waiting for trial could exceed any punishment handed down.

Mr Sargent also ruled the Kyneton man's risk of re-offending could be managed with strict bail conditions.

Borg appeared in Bendigo Magistrates Court on 11 charges including aggravated burglary, criminal damage, intentionally cause injury and assault by kicking

Police informant Detective Senior Constable Malcolm Crane told the court Borg and a female accomplice confronted the victim in the bedroom of his home where Borg struck the man to the face.

He said Borg blamed the victim for his arrest the previous night and demanded he pay the cost of Borg's bail as well as a $3500 debt owed to the woman.

As the victim called his mother to ask for a loan, Borg kicked him in the mouth, Detective Senior Constable Crane said.

The court heard Borg threatened to cut off the man's finger if he didn't repay the money.

Detective Senior Constable Crane said Borg and the woman returned to the house shortly after 2am the following morning, but were refused entry to the house.

It is alleged the pair then drove their vehicle into the cars parked at the front of the house, causing panel damage to one vehicle.

The court heard Borg allegedly committed the aggravated burglary while on bail for other matters. 

He is due to face court next month for up to 19 charges including unlicensed driving, unlawful assault, refusing an oral fluid test and a series of deceptions and thefts.

Police opposed bail on the grounds Borg was an unacceptable risk of re-offending due to his addiction to the drug ice, and was a danger to the public.

The court heard Borg failed a drug test after being caught speeding on the Calder Freeway at up to 155 kilometres per hour.

In July, he was caught driving on the footpath, while unlicensed, with his six-month old baby in the back seat.

Defence lawyer Gordon Chisholm told the court his client could face at least 18 months in custody before his case went to trial, which Magistrate Marc Sargent said could exceed any penalty imposed.

Mr Chisholm said Borg had referrals to community health centres to address his drug use and argued his risk of re-offending could be managed with bail conditions including weekly drug screens and an order preventing him from visiting the victim's home.

Mr Sargent said he was impressed Borg had willingly spent extra time in custody to detox from drugs before making a bail application given the link between his drug use and offending.

He released Borg on bail and ordered he continue drug rehabilitation, report to police daily, observe a curfew between 9pm and 6am and not go within one kilometre of the victim's home.

The case was adjourned until October.