Down The Mall:

It’s reporting week, it seems, and no we’re not referring to any on-field biffo, although it’s not far from that.

There’s been a flurry of companies announcing engorged profits in the past few days.

In a quick scan of the week, DTM put together just 10 Australian companies announcing year-end, half-yearly or even quarterly profits totalling... $44.12 BILLION.

That’s equivalent to $2206 from every man, woman and child in this country.

It all seems to have avoided DTM’s emaciated wallet.

Bendigo keeps pace

While not (yet) in the billion-dollar profit league, our home-grown Bendigo (and Adelaide…you’ve got to say it quickly) Bank seemed reasonably chuffed with itself notching an annual profit of $372.3 million.

It seems sort of domestic by comparison with the Telstras, ComBanks and BHP Billitons, but you don’t have to look far back in history to see its significance.

This year’s profit is 27.5 times the $13.5 million profit it announced in 1996 after its first year as a bank.

Not too shabby.

Miniscule memory 

In this week, just 33 years ago, IBM sold its first personal computer.

It had about 64 kilobytes of grunt.

Which would not be enough now to turn on your phone, or to read a one paragraph email.

DTM just tested it: one Word document with 10 exclamation marks took up the same amount of memory.

Fittingly named

One event at the Bendigo Writers’ Festival caught DTM’s eye.

It was a presentation of the bush poetry of C.J.Denis, Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson by Geoffrey Graham.

Now, good and all as these literary giants are, the bit that captured our imagination was where it’s happening… and what the session is called.

I was in the acoustically superb crib room 61 metres down the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

The performance’s name? Deep and Meaningful.

Wish I’d said that.

Good connections

I know it could seem a bit “needy” to seek outside acclaim for our city, but... what the heck.

We were well chuffed to note Vogue Australia – one of the great indicators of everything stylish and desirable – has listed six good reasons why people should spend a weekend in Bendigo.

They included the new Schaller Studio hotel, the Art Gallery, the Undressed exhibition, the Masons of Bendigo restaurant and Rosalind Park.

The sixth? The fact that it’s not too far from Melbourne, apparently having the same sort of links that Bowral has with Sydney.

Not sure about that last reason, Vogue.


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