Parks Victoria: Rubbish dumping a thoughtless act

PARKS Victoria called a careless criminal's act of dumping rubbish in the Whipstick Forest "thoughtless".

Rubbish that was dumped in the Whipstick Forest last week.

Rubbish that was dumped in the Whipstick Forest last week.

Last week an Eaglehawk resident found rubbish dumped in the forest that included syringes, clothing and plastic among other items. 

The rubbish also included letters and bills with a person's name and address on it.

Parks Victoria spokesperson David Major said dumping rubbish in the forest showed no regard for the safety of park visitors, or the social and environmental values of the park.

"The recent rubbish dumping in the Whipstick area of Greater Bendigo National Park was a thoughtless act," Mr Major said.

"Parks provide places of refuge that restore health and well-being and should be respected as such."

Mr Major said rubbish dumping was investigated and followed up as far as is possible and penalties are often issued to offenders.

"Rubbish dumping can result in a minimum fine of $295 but in more serious cases where the rubbish includes dangerous substances or items, the offence can end up before a magistrate," he said.

"Much of the bush around Bendigo is Regional Park and attracts the same penalties for this type of offence as in a National Park."

Mr Major said most of the community use appropriate methods for their rubbish disposal, but when this sort of activity occurs, rangers are taken away from providing other services in the park.

Anyone with information about this type of activity in parks is encouraged to provide information, remaining confidential, to Parks Victoria on 13 1963.


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