Fringe focuses on region's authors

TALK: Carolyn Stanford, Dale Pearce, Marika McMahon, Amy Doak and Marg O'Rourke were part of the festival.
TALK: Carolyn Stanford, Dale Pearce, Marika McMahon, Amy Doak and Marg O'Rourke were part of the festival.

Bendigo read between the lines over the weekend. 

Hundreds of visitors gathered to learn from and observe the work of writing aficionados at the Write on the Fringe festival, which coincided with the Bendigo Writers Festival.

Write on the Fringe provided a new way for people to connect with emerging artists, authors and writers.

As part of the Write on the Fringe Festival many workshops were held alerting people of Bendigo to arts and culture. 

Write on the Fringe is an initiative of the City of Greater Bendigo’s Capital Community Connect program.

Festival coordinator Maree Tonkin said five months of planning had ensured the event would be exciting for people.

"The festival provided opportunities for about 60 local emerging artists, writers and presenters," she said.

"We were really thrilled to stage it in the Bendigo Library because the activity and performance spaces were perfect for the range of events we are presenting," Ms Tonkin said.

"We think we created something really special."

She said based on the success of the festival, another would be planned for 2015.

"Our festival partners, Viewpoint Handmade Gallery will also showcase the work of some 40 visual artists and writers as part of this year's CO-LAB exhibition," Ms Tonkin said.

Ms Tonkin said the festival was a fabulous success.

She said more 450 participants visited the festival from Thursday to Saturday.

The inaugural festival focused on participation.

"For our first fringe fest it has gone off really well," Ms Tonkin said.

"There has been a good mix and something for everyone."

Ms Tonkin said the point-of-difference for the festival was that it showcased local artists and writers.

She said one of the favourited activities was the Pop-up Zine and Comic Studio.

About 90 people creatively concocted small magazines of creativity in the studio on Friday. 

Victorian rap artist ALLDAY gave a presentation on how to write song lyrics bringing younger fans some joy.

iBendigo Loddon Mallee member and marketing coordinator for their digital enterprise program, Carolyn Stanford said the festival was beneficial for all who attended.

iBendigo along with other community organisations gave presentation on blogging for business.

It looked at not only blogging but any use of social media to advance and promote a business.

Ms Stanford said there was a mix of people in attendance.

She said using social media allowed businesses to reach a number of new opportunities.

She said the biggest problem was that businesses tended to be cautious when they used social media.

For more on the festival, visit Facebook and search for Capital Community Connect.