Kangaroo Flat crash: Car crashes into parked vehicles


A COLLISION involving a driver reversing into the Kangaroo Flat Post Office could have been much worse, police said. 

Bendigo's Sergeant Mick McCrann said an 83-year-old driver and her elderly passenger suffered minor injuries after the woman reversed into the post boxes at the Kangaroo Flat Post Office in High Street 11.35am. 

"As a result the driver has then panicked, put the car into drive and moved forward. While moving forward the driver has collided with another two parked vehicles. Both of those vehicles had a single occupant, a male and a female, one in each, none of them are injured," he said. 

"The female driver and passenger both have some very minor injuries and are being attended to."

Sergeant McCrann said the collision caused significant structural damage to the post office.  

He said he did not expect charges to be laid however the female driver would have her drivers licence reviewed. 

"This is an fairly busy traffic-based road and pedestrian area and we are extremely lucky no pedestrians were injured or shop keepers weren't injured in the collision," he said. 

"I think it is quite fortunate on this occasion that no one has been seriously injured.

"People need to be aware when they are in charge of a tonne and a half of metal where it is they are putting it on the road. Mistake happen really easily and people get seriously injured."

He said traffic would be reduced to one lane on the Bendigo-bound side of the road for about 45 minutes. 

Leeanne MacPherson said she was surprised the entire city of Bendigo did not hear the crash. 

"It was loud," she said.

"It gave me a fright."

Ms MacPherson said she was standing at the corner of Lockwood Road and High Street when she saw a car fly across the footpath. 

"It went flying," she said. 

"I hope the lady is alright."

UPDATE 11.40am: Rick Stemmer, who witnessed the incident, says an elderly woman was driving along High Street when she crashed into two parked cars, pushing one onto a tree.

Mr Stemmer said it appeared the car's engine blew, causing it to veer off the road.

He said he heard a loud bang and saw smoke coming from the car, which then veered off the road and into the two parked cars.

"The old lady and her husband are still in the car and there are people everywhere," he said.

More to come.

EARLIER: Emergency crews are responding to a car crash on High Street, Kangaroo Flat.

More to come.


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