Nine months off road for Bendigo mother

A GOLDEN Square woman who refused to go with police after testing positive to illicit drugs while driving has been ordered off the road for nine months.

Sarah Castleton, 37, was drug tested during two police checks in Golden Square and Eaglehawk in March and June this year.

When asked to accompany the officers to the police station for further tests, Castleton refused.

The mother-of-three pleaded guilty in Bendigo Magistrates Court on Thursday to two charges of failing to accompany police for an oral fluid test. 

The court heard the woman knew the offence carried a serious penalty, but said she didn't want to waste anyone's time since she had already tested positive to drugs.

She also told police she couldn't leave her her nine-year-old daughter, who she said had become frightened by the police presence.

Castleton, who appeared without a lawyer, told the court she had not taken drugs before getting behind the wheel, but admitted to taking amphetamines several days prior to the incidents. 

She said she had not taken the drug since being charged.

"You're going to lose your licence today, you're going to be fined today," Magistrate David Faram told Castleton.

"I hope drugs are not an issue for you, you have too much important work to do with your kids."

Mr Faram fined her $1000 and disqualified her from driving for nine months.

The minimum penalty for a first offence is a six-month driving disqualification. A second offence attracts a 12-month disqualification period.