Good Morning Bendigo - 07.08.2014

Good Morning Bendigo!

Did you watch Offspring? Should it end there, or should there be another season? If you're a fan and need to de-brief, read more here

5 degrees with a top of 14 degrees and mostly sunny. 

No delays.

Rampant visa fraud and migration crime involving people flying into Australia are going unchecked while the government focuses on stopping boats, according to secret government files detailing entrenched Immigration Department failings.

Hundreds of pages of leaked confidential departmental documents obtained by Fairfax Media reveal that Australia's national security is being compromised by wide-scale visa rorting and migration rackets operating with impunity, including some with links to terrorism or organised crime.

Five navy personnel aboard the infamous “burned hands” asylum boat have denied that any asylum seekers were assaulted, harmed “in any manner” or mistreated during the January tow-back operation.

Their denials contradict the statements of one eyewitness and two alleged victims aboard the boat who alleged that naval personnel deliberately held the hands of three men to a hot exhaust pipe to discourage them from going to the toilet more than once daily.

Attorney-General George Brandis has cited police use of metadata in a nationally high profile murder prosecution to illustrate why the government wants to push ahead with new data retention laws.

The government has unveiled plans for telecommunications companies to retain two years of metadata records in a move designed to assist police and counter-terrorism agencies combat what they argue is a growing terrorist threat.

Two eBay vendors have been penalised for selling non-compliant cots that could have severely injured or killed babies, the consumer watchdog said, as it launched a national review of mandatory standards for cots, strollers and bunk beds.

New Aim Pty Ltd, which trades as OzPlaza.Living, received a $10,200 fine for selling 400 non-compliant cots between May and September last year. The 'wooden sleigh 3-in-1' product posed many risks to infants, including suffocation and entrapment.

1858 - First game of Australian Rules football reportedly played in Melbourne, with 40 players 

on each team and a pitch 800 metres long; Ottawa is chosen by Queen Victoria as capital of the 

Dominion of Canada.

1915 - The Australian Light Horse Brigade charges against Turkish forces at Gallipoli with 

terrible results.

1958 - The US submarine Nautilus arrives in Iceland after the first voyage by a vessel under the 

Polar ice cap. It passed under the North Pole on August 3.

1965 - Linda McGill becomes first Australian woman to swim the English Channel.

1982 - Traffic stops in Adelaide when 2000 protesters form a human peace symbol to remember 

victims of the nuclear industry.

1994 - Eleven men are killed in explosion at mine at Moura, Queensland.

2010 - A lively and healthy-looking Fidel Castro appeals to President Barack Obama to stave off 

global nuclear war in an emphatic address to parliament that marks his first official government 

appearance since emergency surgery four years ago.

Mata Hari (Margaret Gertrude Zeller), Dutch dancer-spy (1876-1917)

Lana Cantrell, Australian singer (1943-)

Greg Chappell, Australian cricketer (1948-)

John Birmingham, Australian author (1964-)

Sophie Lee, Australian actress (1968-)

Megan Gale, Australian model (1975-)

Charlize Theron, South African actress (1975-)

David Hicks, Australian former Guantanamo Bay detainee (1975-) 

Abbie Cornish, Australian actress (1982-)

What part of the human body is measured using the cephalix index? 

What word describes the bending of light passing from one medium to another? 

Where could Prince William have a round of golf at the local club for his university?

What did the group Marillion base their group name on - a Tolkien novel, Marilyn Monroe or a 


Who released the classic “Ummagumma”?

Answers: 1. Head 2. Refraction 3. St Andrews 4. A Tolkien novel title 5. Pink Floyd

A person produces enough saliva to fill 2 average size swimming pools during their lifetime.

What goes up when the rain comes down?

An umbrella.

Have a great day!



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