Good Morning Bendigo - 03.08.2014

Good Morning Bendigo! 

Good Morning Bendigo! 

The freezing temperature outside this morning meant that I had to spend 10 minutes getting rid of ice all over my windows. My very kind housemate helped me scrape ice off while I splashed water over the windscreen. 

A freezing morning (literally) starting at minus 2 degrees and frost with a later top of 12 degrees and sunny! 

See details here.

YESTERDAY'S WEATHER: Check out photos of frost and snow sent in from readers in Bendigo and surrounding areas. 

Have you got some great pictures of frost, ice or even snow in the Bendigo region? Send your pictures to or tweet to @bgoaddy or our Facebook page. 

No delays.

Legislation for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s prized $5.5 billion paid parental leave scheme has been quietly shelved and is unlikely to be put to Parliament this year, sources have revealed.

The move is aimed at quelling backbench dissent on the issue and is also a recognition it may be voted down by rebel government senators if put to the test.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said in June that PPL legislation would be introduced ‘‘soon’’ and described as ‘‘absurd’’ suggestions the policy had been stalled due to internal unrest.

Kevin Andrews' love revolution is a slow burner. Almost all of the free relationship counselling vouchers under the Social Services Minister's scheme to introduce more harmony in Australians' love lives remain up for grabs.

With a limit of 100,000 vouchers available to couples, a spokeswoman for Mr Andrews urged people to register as ''soon as possible'' when the scheme launched on July 1.

So far, only about 1400 couples have taken the government up on the offer, leaving about 98,600 vouchers going spare for sessions on parenting, conflict resolution and financial management.

A knock at the door of a home in Melbourne’s outer suburbs last month threw three parents, all with children who suffer debilitating epilepsy, into the centre of a political debate about legalising medicinal marijuana in Australia.

Mernda couple Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace had recently appeared on national television talking about giving their toddler a cannabis tincture oil to stop his life-threatening seizures.

The man standing at their front door was Epping Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Detective Sergeant Brett Meadows, who had been tasked with investigating the couple after a report about Cooper’s welfare was made to police.

Missing just one day of school has negative consequences for a student’s academic achievement, the first major study linking poor attendance to lower NAPLAN results has found.

And school attendance patterns established as early as year 1 can predict how often a student will show up to class right throughout high school, according to the research.

Australia is alarmingly slack when it comes to school attendance, with high school students skipping more days of school than almost any other developed country.

1914 - Germany declared war on France. The next day World War I began when Britain declared war on Germany. Britain's declaration of war meant Australia was also at war. Bendigo did not find out the news until August 6. 

1945 - Chinese troops under American General Joseph Stilwell take the town of Myitkyina from the Japanese.

1958  - The first nuclear submarine USS Nautilus passes under the North Pole.

1967 - President Lyndon B. Johnson announces plans to send 45,000 more troops to Vietnam.

1811  -  Elisha Otis, inventor of the automatic safety brake for elevators.

1856  -  Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime Minister.

1924   Leon Uris, writer whose works include Battle Cry and Exodus.

1926   Tony Bennett, singer ("I Left My Heart in San Francisco").

1941   Martha Stewart, business magnate and television personality.

1. Entomology is the study of what? 

2. What continent is the nation of Eritrea located in? 

3. What was the name of the party under which Hitler came to power in 1933? 

4: Epsom in England is most well known for what sport?

5. Golf player Vijay Singh comes from what country?

Answers: 1; insects, 2; Africa, 3: Nazi party, 4: horse racing, 5; Fiji

Why did the chicken run onto the football field?

Because the umpire called a foul. 

Have a lovely day!



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