Losing weight is in the jeans

I absolutely huffed and puffed my way around that lake but I made it

SO, AFTER years of argument I'm finally convinced... weight loss is in the jeans after all.

Yep, that's jeans, not genes.

It was a grand moment when those 'way way too small' brand new jeans which have hung in the wardrobe for more than three years finally bid farewell to the clothes hanger for a Sunday outing.

They fitted perfectly.

Yes, okay, there was a little swagger that day stepping out in those jeans - so proud.

This week I've worn long retired work pants as well - a size down from the usual.

My belt is three holes tighter.

Who would have believed such moments were possible eight weeks ago when this challenge started? Not me, that's for sure.

The chance to help raise awareness lured me into the challenge but it's time to concede - the results have shocked me.

The challenge has burned 13 kilograms. 

It's also been pretty nice to welcome back my neck.

Actually went for a run around Lake Weeroona on Monday night.  Yep, that's right... a run.

Granted this did come as somewhat of a surprise soon after I arrived at Shape Fitness for the weekly training session.

''You're running tonight,'' declared owner Amy.

My first thought was oh, no, 'not another beep test'.

Don't think I told you about my beep test.

I now fully understand why it's called a beep test and it's nothing to do with the noise you must keep pace with running back and forth. No, I assure you as the levels drag on, it becomes more known as a beep (insert bad word), beep (insert another bad word), beep (insert yet another bad word), beep (yep, another one) test.

My rather disappointing beep test yielded a level four result but given I haven't run for decades, that's not too bad.

Well, that was until I watched the reality TV footy show The Recruit on Foxtel and there was Brent Harvey carrying on about his beep test PB of level 17 and he's only the SEVENTH best at the North Melbourne Football Club.

Enough said about beep tests then. 

No, Monday night was all about interval training around the lake and I wasn't sure what to expect as we headed across Napier Street to the running track.

Who was the bright spark that decided to measure out and mark 100 metre intervals around Lake Weeroona so people like Amy could inflict pain on others?

But much like all of this 12-week challenge, I surprised myself.

Thank God that run was under the cover of darkness because I absolutely huffed and puffed my way around that lake but I made it nonetheless.

And on our return, as I silently patted myself on the back for such an achievement, Amy headed back to the lake with her next two victims, ah, sorry, clients to repeat the trip all over again.

What a poser!


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