Games not so great

Some new sports would be an ideal starting point

OKAY, I admit it, I was wrong.

Two weeks ago in this column I raved about how much I was looking forward to the Commonwealth Games and what a great sporting event it is.

With two days remaining in Glasgow it's fair to say the Games have been a touch underwhelming.

Apart from taking a strong interest in our nine local athletes, the rest of the competition I've struggled to get excited about.

Network Ten's coverage hasn't helped.

Too much talk and not enough action.

In one week as a special comments man, Ian Thorpe has made Luke Darcy look good - that's some kind of achievement.

Endless talking on the couch instead of showing the action has been mighty frustrating.

I would much prefer Network Ten to televise some of the lawn bowls stars such as Matthew Flapper, pictured, or badminton action rather than filling time between swimming, athletics and cycling events with chatter from Thorpe and Steve Hooker.

While the TV coverage could do with a facelift, maybe the Games need some jazzing up as well.

Some new sports would be an ideal starting point.

There's talk around cricket and basketball coming back into the fold for Gold Coast 2018.

The cricket competition would be even, but Australia's only competition in basketball would come from New Zealand and Canada.

A full-strength men's basketball clash between Australia and Canada would be laden with NBA talent.

But would those players, such as Maryborough's Matthew Dellavedova who plays for Cleveland Cavaliers, risk injury and multi-million dollar contracts to play in the Games? Highly unlikely.

Similar deal for soccer. The world's biggest clubs wouldn't release their high priced talent for the Commonwealth Games.

That being the case, maybe futsal would be worth a try.

It's growing at a fast rate across the world, it's good to watch on TV and the competition would be reasonably even.

Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Cameroon would make for a pretty spectacular futsal tournament.

Another left of centre idea - darts.

Anyone who has watched the world's best darts players in action on Foxtel knows how electric the atmosphere can get.

Yes, it would be mighty hard to beat the Poms in darts.

English players dominate the world rankings.

Fast forward to the Gold Coast in four years - England's Phil "The Power" Taylor versus Australia's Simon "The Wizard" Whitlock for the gold medal.

Packed house, beers flowing, crowd chanting - not even Thorpe's commentary could ruin that atmosphere.


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