Good Morning Bendigo 31-7-14

Good Morning Bendigo - welcome to final day of July for 2014!


Well, the weather bureau isn't painting a nice picture for today - it's baton down the hatches time with high winds, rain and even snow forecast for Macedon way.

We're in for a top of 16.

If you think today's bad, sorry to report Friday's top will be 9 and Saturday and Sunday morning they're predicting minimums of -2. Great.


The live line status shows it's a green light for Bendigo services so far this morning.


NEWS: A Bendigo man will be charged on summons over a violent car park dispute which saw another man struck 12 times with a piece of wood.

NEWS: Bendigo councillors endorse budget, but only after heated debate

NEWS: Bendigo woman Anita Cusack received the last rose to continue her quest for love on the Network TEN reality TV show The Bachelor.

Good Morning Bendigo poll

SPORT: Bendigo Pioneers coach David Newett has ended his three-year stint with the club

SPORT: Commonwealth Games Day 6: How did the Aussies go?


SPORT: Athletics Australia suspends head coach after extraordinary attack on Sally Pearson

SPORT: A 29-year-old Australian athlete is being held in police custody after a disturbance in the athlete's village

NEWS: New report reveals alcohol kills 15 Australians a day


1775 - Captain Cook returns to England with Resolution.

1889 - The famous Sherlock Holmes adventure begins with Naval Treaty.

1909 - Wright Brothers deliver first military plane to the army.

1935 - First Penguin book is published - the paperback revolution starts.

1948 - Professional wrestling premiers on prime time TV.

1969 - Barbra Streisand opens for Liberace at International Hotel, Las Vegas.

1988 - Harry Drake shoots an arrow 1873 metres to set a new world record.

1997 - The Thredbo Landslide disaster in NSW claims 18 lives.


1818 - Emily Bronte of Wuthering Heights fame.

1947 - Arnold Schwarzenegger - the actor turned politician turned actor

1963 - Lisa Kudrow of Phoebe from Friends fame

1969 - Simon Baker of The Mentalist fame

1980 - James Anderson - English cricketer.


Only 11 per cent of people are left handed.


Did you here about the guy who lost his whole left side?

He’s alright now!