Car park rage - man hit 12 times: Video, pictures

UPDATE 9PM: A 30-year-old Bendigo man will be charged on summons after a violent road rage incident in Long Gully today.

The man was interviewed by police and released after another man was assaulted 12 times with a large piece of wood in Holdsworth Road at 3pm.

Sergeant Jason Hawke said the man was released and would face Bendigo Magistrates Court at a later date.

Police are calling on any witnesses to come forward and call the police station on 5448 1300.  

UPDATE 5PM: A dispute over a car park has led to a man being bashed 12 times with a large piece of wood. 

The attacker chased a stranger 500-metres down the road before assaulting him with a one-metre piece of wood, following a minor disagreement at Long Gully IGA this afternoon. 

Sergeant Jason McDermott said it was frightening to see something seemingly minor escalate so quickly. 

"After a short argument over a car park, the victim and his girlfriend went inside to shop before seeing the bloke pull up beside his car," he said. 

"The perpetrator was verbally abusing the victim from across the car park before he grabbed a large bit of wood and started coming at him."

The victim, who is in his 20s and from Melbourne, was then chased down Wood Street before he was assaulted at Holdsworth Road in front of several witnesses. 

"The (perpetrator) initially chased the victim by foot and then got in his car," Sergeant McDermott said. 

"When the victim couldn't run anymore, he got out of his car and assaulted him by hitting him 12 times with the piece of wood."

The victim suffered a broken wrist and bruising and remains at the Bendigo Base Hospital. 

"This is a serious assault and it's pretty frightening to see something like that," Sergeant McDermott said. 

"Rather than give each other the bird and keep going, this really minor thing has led to person being assaulted.

"You would hate it to be your husband or wife - it was an unprovoked attack with unknown parties and the victim is feeling very frightened."

Sergeant McDermott said the perpetrator, who remains at large, "didn't seem to care" and acted recklessly in the broad daylight assault.

"People were just going about their business and then this happens," he said. 

"It's not what we want to see in Bendigo."

Police are calling on any witnesses to come forward and call the police station on 5448 1300. 

UPDATE 3.30PM: A man has been hospitalised following a suspected road rage incident. 

Police said details remain unclear as to exactly what caused the incident at Holdsworth Road in North Bendigo.

Sergeant Jason McDermott said two people had gotten into an altercation at IGA in Long Gully and "somehow ended up" outside a property in Holdsworth Road. 

The victim is believed to have suffered a broken wrist and has been taken to Bendigo Hospital.

Several people known to the victim are being interviewed by police.

The second man involved remains at large.

EARLIER: Bendigo police are searching for a man believed to be wielding a tomahawk in the Holdsworth Road area.

Sergeant Mick McCrann said police units are at the scene in North Bendigo investigating.

He said it was believed a male offender had fled the area with a tomahawk after being reported to police.

A man has been taken to hospital.

Several people are congregating at Holdsworth Road and police are currently interviewing witnesses to the incident.

It is unclear what has occurred at this stage.

More to come.


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