Dog attack victim speaks out, video

UPDATE, 3.53PM: A MAGISTRATE could make a decision about the future of a dog that attacked a Bendigo woman earlier this week.

The City of Greater Bendigo has confirmed the dog has been surrendered and is now at the pound with investigations continuing.

Animal services manager Neville Zimmer said a formal interview process was in place.

"We'll have to go back and interview the lady who's been bitten by the dog again and we'll do a formal interview with her," he said.

"The owner of the dog has been in for a preliminary interview but we'll talk with her again and any witnesses.

"We'll put together a brief of evidence with everything we find and then we'll prepare that for our legal representative and then make a decision where it goes.

"Most likely it will go before a magistrate to make a determination.

"The magistrate will look at all the evidence and the things that would be considered would be whether it's a serious dog attack, if it's registered, if it's under effective control ...  one of the options could be that the magistrate decides to put the dog down."

Mr Zimmer said the dog's owner could visit the animal while it was in the pound.

EARLIER, Thursday: The City of Greater Bendigo has confirmed the dog that attacked a woman earlier this week has been surrendered.

It is now at the pound with investigations continuing.

EARLIER, Wednesday: A WOMAN who was viciously attacked by a dog in Bendigo on Monday says she is having nightmares and does not know when they will stop.  

Liza-Jane Purtill, 44, was visiting her mother in hospital in Arnold Street when she approached a woman and her Rottweiler walking in the street about 6pm. 

She said the dog lunged at her and latched onto her right arm, dragging her to the ground. 

Ms Purtill, who previously worked with aggressive dogs with a council in Geelong, said instinct kicked in. 

"I knew to stop, play dead and not aggravate the dog in anyway - just basically let him have my arm," she said. 

"He pulled me down, he pulled me along the concrete and the owner was saying, "let go, let go".

"He kind of let go for a second but it was enough for me to roll in my jacket to give him my jacket. He hung onto the jacket and I rolled out of my jacket and rolled up out of his way."

Ms Purtill said the owner of the dog was apologetic and handed over her contact details. 

"I went up to the other side of the driveway and I said, "I am going to need your name and number".


"I said, "that is an aggressive dog it should have a muzzle on it". (She said), "yes I know it should have a muzzle, (I) couldn't get one to fit."

Ms Purtill took herself to the emergency department at Bendigo hospital and later underwent surgery to her arm. 

She said she would be unable to work for a couple of weeks. 

"I am a day carer - I pick up children, so I can't pick up kids when my arm doesn't work right," she said. 

Ms Purtill said she wanted the dog found before "it latches onto a child". 

"If it latches onto a child, the child will be dead or another adult that doesn't know what to do - grave injuries- the dog needs to be found," she said. 

"(The owner) needs to be brave, contact animal compliance and give up - we're going to find the dog eventually.

"It is not right to have to dog out there."

Ms Purtill said she was unsure how long it would take to clear her memory of the experience. 

"It's the same thing over and over, every time you go to sleep," she said. 

"It's the attack over and over."

A spokeswoman for City of Greater Bendigo said council had made contact with the owner of the dog and investigations would continue. 



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