Alice thrilled with support: VIDEO

ALICE Bottomley is thrilled with the public's response to her performance on Sunday's X-Factor.

Bottomley said people had been approaching her in the street to congratulate her and many more had taken to Twitter to sing her praises.

"It's awesome to get such an amazing response from the public - you're never sure how they're going to react," Bottomley said.

"I've had a few selfies with people walking up to me in the street saying, 'I hope you win!'"

Alice Bottomley performs Miss Independent

Bottomley's rendition of Miss Independent was met with rapture by the X-Factor viewers and audience members.

Judge Redfoo stood up and started dancing during the performance and the audience followed suit.

Bottomley said she was relieved the judges and audience approved of her efforts.

"They have such poker faces, you never know what they're thinking," she said.

But despite her flawless singing, Bottomley admitted she was nervous before she went on stage.

"Going into the performance I wasn't 100 per cent confident but I just thought, 'this is my last chance so I need to throw caution to the wind and give it my everything'," she said.

Bottomley was born and raised in Castlemaine and many Castlemaine residents posted encouraging words on her Facebook page.

She said her experiences on the X-Factor had been incredible and she had furthered her abilities as a singer and performer in a short amount of time.


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