Milestone gives donor meaning

Ron Chibnall is proud to call himself a blood donor.

On Sunday he received a congratulations from the blood donor centre for his long-standing commitment to donating his cells.

Mr Chibnall's wife Raelene had given blood for a long period of time and after she fell ill Ron decided he would take up the baton.

"When she couldn't give anymore I thought I could do it," he said.

He said every time he gave blood he walked out and feel great.

He said it was a great thing for him to do.

Mr Chibnall said his brother recently passed away due to cancer.

"He went through a pretty hard time," he said.

"All the way through he was receiving blood donations."

Mr Chibnall said he often thought about where his blood donation ended up.

He said it gave great meaning to what he was doing.

He said he would suggest donating blood to anyone.

"It takes just an hour once a month," he said.

"When you think about how many people it is going to help - that time is not much."

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