Alice 'couldn't be happier'

TALENT: Alice Bottomley backstage at the X-Factor auditions.
TALENT: Alice Bottomley backstage at the X-Factor auditions.

Alice Bottomley is enjoying the spotlight after her stunning performance on Channel 7's talent show X-Factor.

"I couldn’t have been happier," Bottomley said. 

The Castlemaine-born singer was particularly pleased to have attracted the adoration of judge Redfoo.

"I’m a massive fan of Redfoo so to have that kind of comment from him, that was a massive thing for me."

Bottomely, 23, said she had nerves before her performance, brought on by watching the other contestants, who she said were "amazing". 

"There are so many incredible artists this year," she said.

Since her performance, she said her family and friends had been saying, "I told you so". 

"They’ve been telling me for a while now to do it."

When she lived in Glasgow she auditioned for the X-Factor there and didn't make it past the first audition stage. 

She said it took a while to rebuild her confidence. 

"We’re really big X-Factor fans in my house. Mum and Dad kept saying, "you’re just as good as anyone on the show."

Bottomley said she entered this year's competition to get rid of "that voice of doubt" in her head.

Prior to her performance, she told the judges she had been bullied at school - a formative experience that she battled and overcame.

Bottomley said she shared her personal story to encourage others. 

"Social media is just off the chain at the moment, bullying is worse than it's ever been," she said.

She said she was keen "to go out there and show them that if I can do it you can do it too".

The 23-year-old runs a catering business in Melbourne but said she would be willing to leave it to pursue singing.

"I probably would drop it in a heart beat but it would be a hard decision."