Developing leaders for the future

Abhishek Awasthi made the move from Melbourne to Bendigo in 2010 and quickly found a place to make a difference in his community. 

Mr Awasthi begun volunteering at Community Leadership Loddon Murray in 2011, and early this year was elected as its chairman.

Through CLLM, Abhishek develops leaders for his community.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my role is that I get to see someone change from a person with little to no motivation into a motivated leader,” he said.

One of Mr Awasthi’s biggest motivators is giving back to his community. He volunteers at a number of community organisations, such as Bendigo Rotary and the Bendigo Sustainability Group.

“A highlight of my role is meeting leaders. Not just elected leaders, but the leaders at grass roots levels who do real work in real places,” Mr Awasthi said.

His proudest moment so far was being elected as chairman of the CLLM, while still being one of its youngest members. 

“Although I may be a younger member, I have managed to lead us through a time of change, and I am proud of how the organisation looks today.”