Guides bringing art to the people

Louise Goldsmith might have spent years traveling to far-flung places, but art and volunteering have always helped her find a home.

Mrs Goldsmith has volunteered as an art guide in galleries around the world, including Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and India, as well as Australia's own prestigious national gallery in Canberra.

Now, having found a new home in Bendigo, she is a senior guide at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

"Ever since I first visited the Bendigo Art Gallery, it seemed such a gem. It was 25 years ago, and it certainly still is now," Mrs Goldsmith said.

"It has such a beautiful permanent collection and such interesting temporary collections.

"What's particularly rewarding about being a guide is giving a personalised introduction to the general visitor. You're helping them to see inside what it is they're looking at, to give them a way in."

And it's not just about the art.

"For me, it's about being part of the community, feeling that I'm contributing to the community," Mrs Goldsmith said.

"And it flows both ways - there are all sorts of ways the community enhances my life. It forms a great big circle."